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Moose Racing Plastic Cleaner Cleans all types of plastic surfaces Anti-static Anti-fog Non-streaking Fast drying Reduces Glare No drip foaming action 20 fl. oz., 19 oz. net weight, sold individually Made in the USA
Moose Racing Plastic Wearbars 5/8" thick Provides softer impact than steel Great for paver stone driveways Ultra High Molecular Weight plastic (UHMW) construction. Reversible-just flip it when worn Requires longer bolts; available in Bolt Kit Available with predrilled holes in 50", 55", 60" and a…
Warn Plastic Wear Bar
$63.99 - $79.19 You save up to $8.76 (19%)
Warn Plastic Wear Bar Prolong the life of your plow blade 3/4" thick heavy-duty UHMW plastic construction Can be reversed when worn for longer life
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