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Fly Street Armored Tech Hoodie
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Fly Street Armored Tech HoodieThe demand for casual looking gear is high and Fly has responded with the Armored Tech Hoodie. Similar to a windbreaker, the jacket is light, comfortable and good looking. The big news though is the well hidden EVA armor covering the shoulders, elbows and back. If you…
Spidi Armor HoodieStraight to the point, Spidi named the Armor Hoodie precisely for what it is. A soft shell construction with breathable mesh fabric along the underside of the arms, the hoodie packs CE spec elbow and shoulder armor with the option of a Spidi back protector. And to prove style can…
Speed and Strength We The Fast Armored Zip-Up HoodieDo you have a tattoo that reads 'Hoodie or Die' somewhere on your body? Cause if you do, the We The Fast Armored Hoodie is a thing of beauty. Granted those less dedicated to the hoodie cause will still appreciate the cotton construction and…
Speed and Strength Women's American Beauty Armored Zip-Up HoodieThe armored hoodie is no joke; in fact demand is high enough Speed and Strength created a women's version, the American Beauty. The concept is the same and that means a cotton zip-up construction with CE approved armor protecting the…
Speed and Strength Tapout Armored Hoodie
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Speed and Strength Tapout Armored Hoodie Cotton Poly Blend Frame Removable "VAULT™" C.E. Approved Shoulder and Elbow Protectors Removable "VAULT™" C.E. Approved Spine Protector Raw Edge Seams Premium 3D Embroidered Art
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