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No-Toil Air Filter Oil
$6.99 - $31.99 You save up to $2.96 (21%)
No-Toil Air Filter Oil No-Toil Filter Oil is such a revolutionary engineering breakthrough in super-tacky, high airflow, high performance filter oil; it has U.S. patents and European patents pending. No-Toil filter oil is 100% waterproof, but easily washes out of the filter using only water and No…
Twin Air Liquid Power Filter Oil
$18.99 You save $1.96 (9%)
Twin Air Liquid Power Filter Oil The original formula that set the standard of excellence in air filter oils. Liquid Power starts thin for a deep, even penetration, then dries to even coating, high-tack shield that traps dirt, grit, and dust.
Moose Racing PPO (Precision Pre-Oiled) Air Filters Same top quality Moose Racing filters now available in Precision Pre-Oiled High technology machine pre-oils filters to perfection while leaving no excess With precision pre-oiled air filters, there is no excess oil to rob horsepower, and no dry…
Maxima Air Filter Care Kit
$15.05 You save $2.45 (14%)
Maxima Air Filter Care Kit Maxima's Air Filter Cleaner Kit has everything you need to keep your air intake system clean and protected PRODUCT INFORMATION: A clean and perfectly oiled air filter provides maximum airflow and increases horsepower Air Filter Cleaner's highly effective emulsion formula…
PJ1 Foam Air Filter Treatment
$11.27 You save $2.68 (19%)
PJ1 Foam Air Filter Treatment Super-tacky formulation goes on easily and stays on Helps protect high-performance engines from costly repairs by stopping grit and other particles harmful to an engine’s internal parts Ozone-safe propellant 18.2 fl. oz., 13 oz. net weight can
Motul Foam Air Filter Oil
$14.59 You save $4.36 (23%)
Motul Foam Air Filter Oil Perfect for all types of foam filters Improves air efficiency Effectively retains dirt, mud, sand and water Prevents water from entering the filter
Motorex Air Filter Oil 206 Specially developed air filter oil for foam air filter elements Keeps out sand, dust and water Guaranteed optimal air flow. Very good adhesion
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Moose Racing Triple Layer Air Filter Unique triple-stage foam filter designed for the most extreme conditions Eliminates the need for power-robbing dust covers and outerwear covers Increased protection against silt, water and sand Allows for extended filter service intervals Can be cleaned, re-oiled…
2-stage foam air filter Pre-treated with Maxima FFT foam filter treatment and vacuum-sealed at the factory for the user's convenience Since no additional oil treatment is necessary for most conditions, simply open the package and install the filter Each Ready Filter package also contains a pair of…
Maxima Pre-Oiled Air Filter
$8.99 - $9.42 You save up to $5.53 (17%)
Maxima Pre-Oiled Air Filter When you get ready to change your filter, change to a Maxima Pre-Oiled ready to use ProFilter. A new perfectly oiled ProFilter air filter provides maximum airflow and increased horsepower.  Features:Provides maximum airflow and increased horsepower Dual stage open foam…
Twin Air Pre-Oiled Air Filters
$30.99 - $36.99 You save up to $3.96 (8%)
Twin Air Pre-Oiled Filters feature: Same factory treatment that Factory Race Teams and OEM's receive is now available to all Twin Air customers Pre-Oiled with Twin Air BIO Foam Filter Oil using state of the art filter oiling machines, which provide ultimate consistency in pore coverage Same industry…
PJ1 Fabric Air Filter Oil
$8.66 You save $3.83 (30%)
PJ1 Fabric Air Filter Oil Specially formulated for gauze-type filters Stops dirt, sand and moisture Red color confirms uniform application; won’t stain filter 15 oz. can; sold each
No-Toil Evolution Air Filter Oil
$7.49 - $31.99 You save up to $2.96 (16%)
No-Toil Evolution Air Filter Oil Evolution Air Filter Oil is the latest weapon in No-Toil's struggle against the conventional standards of petroleum based air filter oil with its toxic ingredients and harmful solvent cleaning requirements. Same great dirt stopping tackiness and high air flow…
K&N Air Filter Oil
$5.99 - $27.99 You save up to $12.96 (13%)
K&N Air Filter Oil Specially formulated to work in combination with the cotton fabric in K&N air filter elements providing a superior air filtration system When used as directed, it quickly penetrates the filter pleats where it remains suspended in the cotton fabric Saturation is maintained until…
Motorex Air Filter Oil Spray 655 Specially developed for foam or fabric air filter elements Guaranteed optimal airflow Long-lasting protection; keeps out sand, dust and water 750ml aerosol can
BMC Air Filter Oil
$11.99 - $18.99 You save up to $1.96 (7%)
BMC Air Filter Oil Low viscosity oil for best air permeability Race tested for performance and reliability Available in 250ml bottle or 200ml spray
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