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Arlen Ness "Billet Sucker" Scalloped Air Cleaner Assembly Available in Stage I and Stage II Stage II includes a 20% larger high-flow filter Both feature an oversize exposed filter design for tremendous airflow Breather passages exit at the mouth of the carb/throttle body, creating a virtually…
…Specialties Crankcase Breather/Support Bracket Kit The Drag Specialties Crankcase Breather/Support Bracket Kit allows the installation of aftermarket air cleaner assemblies on late model bikes equipped with OEM CV carb or Delphi EFI system. Includes bracket, filter, hose and all mounting hardware…
Two Brothers Racing Air Filter
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Two Brothers Racing Air FilterHigh quality foam air filter Simply apply foam filter oil Install and go! TBR foam air filter for use with the stock carburetor Also doubles as a crankcase breather
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K&N RK Series Intake Assembly
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…a K & N High-Flow air filter, pleated design for optimum airflow, specially designed lip seal for perfect seal, powder-coated billet aluminum backplate that eliminates external breathers and a built-in, dyno-tuned velocity stack Maintain factory appearance, utilizes the stock air cleaner outer cover…
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…airflow Additional air scoop on outer cover directs air onto the high-flow, washable and reusable air filter Unrestricted air under high-load riding situations from huge front butterflies are vacuum operated Includes all necessary mounting hardware and crankcase breather kit **Closeouts are…
Kuryakyn Bluegrass Breather Kit
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Kuryakyn Bluegrass Breather Kit Unfortunately, almost all Harley-Davidson engines that vent the crankcase through the cylinder heads also expel oil through the same passages. Venting directly into the air cleaner, especially a free-flowing air cleaner, often results in an oily mess on the side of…
Kuryakyn Pro Series Hypercharger Air Cleaner
$260.99 - $323.99 You save up to $36.00 (10%)
…appearance Kit contains chrome Pro Series Hypercharger, mounting kit and crankcase breather kit An upgrade kit is available for new-style (replaceable bearing cup) Hyperchargers and includes a new "Pro" outer case half, bearing cups, butterflies. large K&N air filter and necessary hardware
Kuryakyn Twin Velocity Plus
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…both sides and enlarged openings at the bottom to allow more air to enter the sides of the K&N filter. End Breather Technology - We added a large, round foam filter element beneath the teardrop center cover to allow filtered air to enter the end of the filter The Twin Velocity's internal crankcase…
Performance Machine Fast Air Intake Solution
$449.99 - $468.99 You save up to $30.96 (9%)
…but it's the most innovative and aggressive looking intake on the market. K&N Filter element allows for a significant horsepower increase over stock air cleaner Features an internal crank case breather system Available in chrome or Contrast Cut™ finishes Includes rain sock Made in the U.S.A.
K&N RK Series Round Custom Air Intake
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K&N RK Series Round Custom Air Intake Developed around an over-sized K&N high-flow air filter that is designed to boost performance, filtration and service intervals Aluminum backing plate with an integrated breather system and velocity stack provides a solid mounting surface High quality mirror…
Performance Machine Scallop Air Cleaner
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…Machine Scallop Air Cleaner This clever piece compliments the cylinder angles on H-D models and were designed to match up with our existing Scallop accessories. Lightweight and low profile with a proprietary K&N High Flow Air Filter and PM's proven internal crankcase breather system these intakes…
Arlen Ness Big Sucker Stage 2 Performance Air Filter Kit Features a one-piece aluminum backing plate/carb support bracket Eliminates the need for banjo fittings, hoses and filters Breather passages exit at the mouth of the carburetor, creating a virtually closed-loop system Stage II kit includes a…
Air Cleaner with Chrome Elbow D&M Custom Cycle chrome air cleaner with a bullet-shaped cone with 360° slots increases airflow approximately 10% more than an OEM air cleaner. Chrome air cleaner with a bullet-shaped cone with 360° slots Increases airflow approximately 10% more than an OEM air
Arlen Ness Cheap Sucker Air Filter Kit Feature steel backing plate integrated into the filter Backing plate includes additional urethane that forms into a radius inlet No aluminum backing plate required Utilizes factory exposed breather hoses and hardware Accepts factory outer air cleaner cover only
Kuryakyn Hypercharger Air Cleaner with Smooth Trap Door
$179.99 - $314.99 You save up to $35.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Hypercharger Air Cleaner with Smooth Trap Door Kuryakyn's Hyperchargers work as good as they look. Totally automatic, the vacuum pod automatically opens the butterflies as your motor demands more air. They come with a K&N air filter thats serviceable and replaceable to ensure top…
Kuryakyn Crankcase Breather Kit
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Kuryakyn Crankcase Breather Kit Included with Kuryakyn's Hypercharger Kits for Twin Cam models, this breather kit installs between the air cleaner and the carb support bracket. The stock breather bolts and vent hoses are reused. Easy installation Sold each
…ventilation in the face plates, gives the Nostalgia Air Cleaner increased levels of ventilation while keeping it classic Design matched to the RSD Nostalgia line of products High-volume K&N Air Filter included Built-in crank case breathers Slotted breather bolts and oil tubes are included with all…
Performance Machine Max HP Air Cleaner
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…to Performance Machine's air cleaner line-up features a conical shape for dramatically improved knee clearance, an internal power cone design for smooth, laminar air flow, plus a high flow reusable air filter to give it life. Lightweight aluminum design Internal rubber breather tubes Easily…
S&S Cycle Crankcase Breather Valve The S&S crankcase breather valve not only eliminates oil carry-over, but provides a slight increase in midrange horsepower It's easy to install when changing cams or servicing the oil pump The valve is simple but ingenious. It consists of a machined billet aluminum…
Kuryakyn Breather Bolt Covers
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…Twin Cam breather bolts with these simple to install chrome-plated breather bolt covers. Sure to make your bike look good & stand the test of time. Simply press-on & tighten the set screw. Simple to install Chrome-plated **Note: Only works with Kuryakyn's air Cleaners and Crankcase Breather Kits
Moose Racing UTV Radiator Breather and Guard For Polaris RZR: Powder coated black Bolts to the stock hood Increases air flow to the radiator Includes mounting hardware and cut template Unlike others, Moose's has a slight bend to match the body lines of the vehicle Made in the U.S.A. For Yamaha…
Roland Sands Design Spoke Venturi Air Cleaner
$395.99 - $413.99 You save up to $25.96 (9%)
…Sands Designs Spoke Venturi Air Cleaner Choice of Speed 5 five-spoke or Speed 7 seven-spoke exposed filter design that enhance air flow Backing plate promotes smooth airflow into carburetor/throttle body Built-in internal crank case breathers Includes high-volume K&N air filter All mounting hardware…
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