1. 80cc Engine

DID Silent Cam Chain
$67.99 You save $16.96 (19%)
DID Silent Cam Chain Special Dai-hard™ treatment forms an extremely hard metallic layer on the pin surface for increased durability Unique pin-link plate set-up offers an ideal engaging mechanism for smooth, low-friction power High tolerance protects against power loss
Cometic EST Top End Gasket Kit
$65.99 You save $6.96 (9%)
Cometic EST Top End Gasket Kit Extreme Sealing Technology Includes head and base gaskets, valve stem seals and copper crush washers Ensure a critical seal and superior durability that meets and exceeds OEM specifications Gaskets are made from quality materials such as MSL (Multi-Layer Steel), rubber…
Pro X Connecting Rod Built from the strongest and most dependable alloys available today Come complete with crankpin, big-end bearing, small-end bearing and washers Easy to install
Dragonfire Stage 2 Racing Cam
$246.99 You save $13.00 (5%)
Dragonfire Stage 2 Racing Cam Dragonfire Stage 2 Racing Cams are built for serious HP. This cam is a direct replacement giving you much more power throughout the powerband. Great additive for built race motors, turbo's, and high compression pistons. For the first time ever Dragonfire has got the…
Dragonfire DLC Coated Tappet Buckets
$87.99 You save $4.00 (4%)
Dragonfire DLC Coated Tappet Buckets Friction equals power loss; and when it comes to the valve train that could translate to major power losses. If you can free up the friction you will have the ability to put more of that horsepower to the ground. Dragonfire has come up with something that will do…
Moose Racing Pro Valve Kit
$227.95 - $325.95
Moose Racing Pro Valve Kit Kited sets of intake and exhaust valves designed to match the OE material specifications for drop-in compatibility (no need to reconfigure spring pack from OE spec) Valves are constructed of either Tensilite Titanium or Black Diamond Stainless Steel (depending on…
PSR Manual Cam Chain Tensioner
$49.99 You save $4.96 (9%)
PSR Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Made from billet aluminum Removes out-of-timing problems, premature engine wear and excess tension caused by an automatic or hydraulic tensioner Gunmetal finish
Athena 2-Stroke 70cc Big Bore Kit
$179.00 - $202.95 You save up to $6.00 (14%)
Athena 2-Stroke 70cc Big Bore KitAthena's Big Bore Kit features a cast aluminum cylinder with a nickel carbide plated bore. All Athena kits come with a cylinder, cylinder head, piston assembly (piston, rings, wrist pin, and circlips) carbon reeds and all top end gaskets necessary for installation.…
Athena Primary Gear Set
$90.95 - $95.95
Athena Primary Gear SetThe primary gear set from Athena provides a higher gear ratio than stock (22%-33%) depending on the model, for more top end speed. Actual product may differ from web image
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