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Metzeler ME 880 Marathon XXL Rear Tire
$204.99 - $345.99 MSRP $302.95-$474.95
(221 reviews)
…cruisers Rear tire features round tread profile and large contact patch for better traction and a softer ride 0° steel belt ensures outstanding dimensional stability for higher degree of freedom in tuning, making it possible to mount the rear fender extremely close to the tire For 5.5"-9.5" wide…
Dunlop Elite 3 Custom Wide Rear Tire
$181.99 - $189.99 MSRP $293.95-$302.12
(44 reviews)
…rear tire, the Dunlop Elite 3 is all about standing out with its good looking tread pattern and huge size. And yet when it comes time to ride, the Elite 3 Custom is more than capable with a design construction that is identical to Dunlop's regular touring tires. Next generation long-distance tire
Michelin Commander II Cruiser Rear Tire
$122.99 - $214.99 MSRP $194.95-$345.95
(371 reviews)
…Rear Tire An industry benchmark, the Michelin Commander II rear tire sets the standard in longevity and wet weather grip. Cornering performance is just as strong as well, making this a great all-around touring and cruiser tire. Amplified Density Technology: A highly dense, more-rigid tire casing,…
Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Rear Tire
$121.87 - $191.87 MSRP $184.95-$293.95
(50 reviews)
Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Rear TirePirelli is setting the new standard with the Diablo Rosso II rear motorcycle tire. New and updated features give this tire excellent grip, great mileage and confidence. Bi-Compound design gives long lasting mileage on the road and superb grip at full lean Pirelli…
Myrtle West 240 Wide Tire Swingarms
Myrtle West 240 Wide Tire Swingarms Made of 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum Rear axle covers The only covered axle swingarm with positive locking hardware Custom designed tubing with central rib for added durability Comes with a billet caliper mounting bracket Comes with underbracing Available in…
Avon AV72 Cobra Rear Tire
$149.99 - $299.99 MSRP $209.41-$431.62
(72 reviews)
Avon AV72 Cobra Rear Tire A cruiser tire with some performance built into it, Avon's AV72 Cobra Rear Tire features a sport influenced tread pattern that is comfortable and quiet in the straight line and yet more than capable in the corners. Suitable for larger touring bikes as well, the Cobra makes…
Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Rear Tire
$131.99 - $189.99 MSRP $204.95-$290.95
(25 reviews)
…of a set of Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Tires.  Offer valid on purchases made between March 1st and April 30th, 2014.  Get rebate form here. Its predecessor is highly rated and yet in the world of sport bike tires, progress never lets off. With the new Sportmax Q3 rear tire, Dunlop has tweaked, refined and…
Bridgestone G852 Exedra Radial Rear Tire
$148.99 - $184.99 MSRP $261.99-$315.99
(15 reviews)
…Rear Tire Designed to meet the demands of high-performance cruisers Designed with compounds and construction that vary depending on the weight, horsepower, and handling of each model bike the tire is designed for H-Rated for speeds up to 130mph V-rated for speeds up to 149 mph Stock replacement tire
Avon AV72 Cobra Wide Whitewall Rear Tire
$181.99 - $249.99 MSRP $258.47-$294.28
(4 reviews)
…carcass, these strands are wound closely together at the tire's center for increased stability and wear resistance. Towards the tire's edges the fibers are then progressively spaced out to allow the tire to take on a multi-compound effect as the tire leans. An aggressive tread pattern features FFG -…
Pirelli Diablo Custom 240 Radial Rear Tire
$176.87 MSRP 280.95
(6 reviews)
240 Radial Rear Tire The first W-rated custom tire meets the requests of sport bike builders and riders A perfect match for Trac Dynamics Big Wheel 240 kits State-of-the-art ride and performance creates the new benchmark for the custom market Patented steel-belted technology provides zero tire
Bridgestone Exedra Max Radial Rear Tire
$136.99 - $176.99 MSRP $250.99-$327.99
(32 reviews)
Bridgestone Exedra Max Radial Rear Tire A tire meant for long miles, the Exedra Max Radial comes from Bridgestone ready for everything the road brings your way. Rough roads, rain, sweeping corners and endless straights, the Bridgestone Exedra Max lets you tour the country like you've always wanted.…
Pit Bull 240 300 Wide Standard Rear Stand
Pit Bull 240/300 Wide Standard Rear Stand This stand is designed to work underneath certain aftermarket wide tire swingarms designed for 240 and 300 width tires. May not work with some models depending on swingarm design. Width Adjustability: 14-1/4" - 17-1/2".
Shinko Classic 240 Whitewall Tire
$85.99 MSRP 118.95
(15 reviews)
Shinko Classic 240 Whitewall TireWhitewall version; Blackwall design also available Compounded for high mileage Aramid belt offsets tread distortion for better grip Tube type, 4-ply nylon carcass H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph
Shinko 005 Advance Rear Tire
$98.99 - $169.99 MSRP $122.95-$214.95
(55 reviews)
…designed tread grooves help to dissipate water efficiently on wet surfaces Aramid belts enhance high speed performance DOT approved New 240/40VR-18 size for custom sportbike applications Read the MotorcycleUSA.com review of the Shinko 005 Advance Tire here: Shinko 005 Advance Tire Comparison Review
Pirelli Night Dragon Rear Tire
$135.99 - $239.99 MSRP $198.95-$344.95
(116 reviews)
Pirelli Night Dragon Rear Tire Brand new from Pirelli comes the Night Dragon, the first pavement peeling muscle tire dedicated to V-Twin cruisers, customs and choppers. Driven by racing technology, the Night Dragon is aggressively designed for PERFORMANCE and styled for stance; the Night Dragon…
Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Rear Tire
$134.99 - $184.99 MSRP $204.95-$290.95
(200 reviews)
…New carcass construction in both the front and rear tires includes newly designed continuous hex beads that are both lighter and stronger to enhance steering response in the front tire and increase cornering stability in both tires Q2 rear tire features a newly developed, stiffer version of Dunlop's…
Metzeler Tube
$29.99 - $45.99 MSRP $34.95-$50.95
(76 reviews)
…more resistant to punctures, tears and abrasions. The elliptic shape in some of Metzeler's tubes allows them to be used in low section tubeless tires with laced wheels. All valves stems are straight metal TR-4/6 style (8mm diameter straight metal stem) unless otherwise noted. Tube Sizing: 15" Type…
Drag Specialties Heavy-Duty Inner Tube
$12.95 - $33.95
(28 reviews)
Drag Specialties Heavy-Duty Inner Tube With several valve stem types to choose from, the Drag Specialties tube can fit almost any cruiser and custom. Additionally, the heavy-duty construction will hold up to horsepower and long miles. High quality, heavy duty rubber inner tubes Custom sizes for…
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