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Kenda K329 Front - Rear Scooter Tire Performance style tread pattern Designed as a good balance between mileage and wet weather traction Tough 4-Ply construction Fitment Information: 2.50-10, 2.57-10 = TT 3.50-10, 90/90-10, 120/90-10, 140/90-10 = TT/TL
Maxxis MaxxCross-SI M7312 Rear Tire
$39.95 - $107.10 You save up to $45.90 (39%)
Maxxis MaxxCross-SI M7312 Rear TireRace-proven rubber compound delivers excellent traction in soft/intermediate conditions Anti-flex knob bridges on side lugs offer solid straight-line stability and enhance grip for aggressive cornering Developed during Grand National Cross Country series See the…
IRC MB-510 Front - Rear Scooter Tire
$44.39 - $56.49 You save up to $10.46 (14%)
IRC MB-510 Front - Rear Scooter Tire The MB-510 Scooter Tire is available in four popular sizes They provide good traction, braking and steering at an affordable price Blackwall *Note: Size 4.00-10 is tubeless, All other sizes are tube type tires
Pirelli MXMS Rear Tire
$31.99 - $94.99 You save up to $41.71 (28%)
Pirelli MXMS Rear Tire Available fitment for Minis to big Four Strokes Extreme traction to maintain maximum speed on medium to soft terrain High performance consistency even in severe racing conditions Excellent cleaning in soft terrain Superior traction in straight line on soft to intermediate…
BikeMaster Tube
$8.95 - $21.21
Bikemaster Tubes Seamless construction Best value Butyl rubber tubes, with heavy duty valves Valve Stem Types (depicted as a color option): TR-6 - Straight metal stem (8mm dia.) TR-13 - Straight rubber stem (11.5 mm dia.) TR-15 - Straight rubber stem (16mm dia.) TR-87 - Short 90 degree metal stem…
Maxxis MaxxCross-IT M7305 Rear Tire
$36.99 - $109.99 You save up to $56.01 (43%)
Maxxis MaxxCross-IT M7305 Rear Tire Specially designed compound increases durability in rocky or desert conditions by reducing chipping and cutting Tall knob design improves traction when racing in sandy conditions Stiffer carcass design minimizes flex, reducing the chance of pinched tubes M7304 is…
Bridgestone M40 Soft Rear Tire
$34.99 You save $19.00 (35%)
Bridgestone M40 Soft Rear Tire Get impressive grip and handling for your mini with the Bridgestone M40 Extra wide spacing between tread blocks, together with rounded shape means a self cleaning tire in wet and sticky mud Wrap around knob pattern provides climbing traction out of ruts 4 ply…
Shinko 520 Soft-Intermediate Rear Tire
$23.99 - $69.99 You save up to $26.96 (24%)
Shinko 520 Soft-Intermediate Rear TireShinko off road tires feature a high carbon compound in a variety of models to suit all terrain conditions For soft/intermediate to hard terrain Tread pattern works well in a wide variety of soil conditions Reinforced knobs resists tearing and chunking
Pirelli MX Extra J Rear Tire
$29.99 - $44.99 You save up to $22.81 (30%)
Pirelli MX Extra J Rear Tire The only motocross tire in mini-cross sizes for future champions offering the best in all round performance and perfect for training purposes. Effective for training sessions or simply for fun! Tread pattern optimised to increase traction and grip on a vast range of…
Bridgestone Hoop OEM Replacement Rear Tire
$31.61 - $103.99 You save up to $79.00 (36%)
Bridgestone Hoop OEM Replacement Rear Tire These tires look great with sharp, sporty scooters and their gripping power and wet-weather performance will let you enjoy some slick riding. Of course they have long life and full street specs. For the rider who thinks about both footwork and price. Sizing…
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