1. 170 80-15 Tires

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Shinko SR734R Rear Cruiser Tire
$62.95 - $100.99 You save up to $38.96 (26%)
Shinko SR734R Rear Cruiser Tire Designed for the rider who likes to tour, the Shinko SR734R rear tire delivers good mileage, comfort and all weather traction at a price that embarrasses most of the competition. When it comes to performance and value, Shinko has the formula pretty well down. 4 ply…
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Shinko 777 Rear Tire
$88.99 - $110.99 You save up to $46.96 (27%)
Shinko 777 Rear Tire Specifically designed for cruisers, the Shinko 777 Rear Tire is the affordable alternative that outperforms the competition with long life and a smooth, confidence inspiring ride. H rated (130 mph) Tubeless design Aramid belted for strength and low rolling resistance…
Shinko 777 HD Whitewall Rear Tire
$105.99 - $119.99 You save up to $52.96 (30%)
Shinko 777 HD Whitewall Rear TireSpecifically designed for cruiser machines and is available in a multitude of sizes to fit many V-Twin and metric cruiser models.Features include: Higher mileage and load capacity H.D. (Heavy Duty) version with reinforced carcass H rated tubeless, 4 or 6 ply rated…
IRC WF-920 Wild Flare Rear Tire
$99.99 - $147.99 You save up to $23.96 (27%)
IRC WF-920 Wild Flare Rear Tire Fantastic look with performance to match Reliable performance and durability Tubeless design Blackwall Also available in heavy duty version that was developed for use on Harley-Davidson models; added reinforcement to sidewall helps prevent torsional-flexing under…
Michelin Commander II Cruiser Rear Tire
$123.36 - $217.99 You save up to $127.96 (36%)
…Commander II Cruiser Rear Tire An industry benchmark, the Michelin Commander II rear tire helps set the standard in longevity and wet weather grip. Cornering performance is just as strong and predictable as well, making this a great all-around city and touring tire. Amplified Density Technology:…
Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra Rear Tire
$130.08 - $224.99 You save up to $81.96 (36%)
…Sharing in the excellent traits of the ME880, the ME888 rear tire is everything that and more. The best mileage period, together with effortless all-weather handling and great value make this the only metric and cruiser tire to be worthy of the ride. Ultra high mileage coupled with Metzeler…
Bridgestone Exedra Max Bias Rear Tire
$123.88 - $157.99 You save up to $133.00 (46%)
Bridgestone Exedra Max Bias Ply Rear Tire A tire meant for long miles, the Exedra Max Bias Ply comes from Bridgestone ready for everything the road brings your way. Rough roads, rain, sweeping corners and endless straights, the Bridgestone Exedra Max lets you tour the country like you've always…
Bridgestone Exedra G546 Rear Tire
$152.58 - $153.78 You save up to $116.21 (40%)
Bridgestone Exedra G546 OEM Replacement Rear Tire Standard original equipment tires Bias ply; Tube Type Sizing Information: 170/80-15 G = Yamaha ’02-09 XVS1100 V-Star Custom 170/80-15 = Triumph ’02-09 Bonneville America 170/80H-15 TT = Honda VT1100C3 Shadow Aero ’98-03
Metzeler ME888 Wide Whitewall Rear Tire
$194.99 - $205.99 You save up to $74.96 (26%)
Metzeler ME888 Wide Whitewall Rear Tire Ultra high mileage coupled with Metzeler performance and handling Developed in Germany for the roads of America Specifically designed for custom touring bikes Technology offering consistent performance throughout the tire's life Outstanding high and low speed…
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Metzeler Tube
$23.95 - $45.99 You save up to $4.96 (31%)
…more resistant to punctures, tears and abrasions. The elliptic shape in some of Metzeler's tubes allows them to be used in low section tubeless tires with laced wheels. All valves stems are straight metal TR-4/6 style (8mm diameter straight metal stem) unless otherwise noted. Tube Sizing: 15" Type…
Bridgestone Tire Tube
$15.99 - $41.99 You save up to $4.00 (33%)
Bridgestone Tire Tube Tire tube for light, standard and heavy-duty street and off-road applications TR-4 and TR87-C valves
Vee Rubber TR-87 Tube
$8.37 - $40.15
Vee Rubber TR-87 Tube Replace your tired or worn out inner tube with the Vee Rubber TR-87 Tube. Whether you ride enduro, dirt, sand or street, Vee Rubber offers a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs.
BikeMaster Tube
$8.95 - $21.21
Bikemaster Tubes Seamless construction Best value Butyl rubber tubes, with heavy duty valves Valve Stem Types (depicted as a color option): TR-6 - Straight metal stem (8mm dia.) TR-13 - Straight rubber stem (11.5 mm dia.) TR-15 - Straight rubber stem (16mm dia.) TR-87 - Short 90 degree metal stem…
IRC Tube
$14.99 - $19.95 You save up to $4.00 (24%)
IRC Tube Highest-quality Japanese made motorcycle tubes meet or exceed OEM quality and performance **Note: 170/80-15 is a 90° threaded stem.
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