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Shinko 712 Rear Tire
$49.95 - $69.99 You save up to $23.96 (25%)
Shinko 712 Rear Tire Combining mileage, performance and great value, the Shinko 712 rear tire is engineered to give your cruiser and touring bike the ride and all-weather confidence you expect for the long haul. Staggered tread pattern provides excellent wet weather performance Variety of sizes to…
Bridgestone Battlax Racing Rain Front Tire
$149.99 - $189.99 You save up to $60.01 (25%)
…Rain Front Tire Bridgestone race tires have excellent wear life, terrific edge and drive grip and a wide operating range that provides high performance under a variety of conditions and track surfaces. Designed for track and race class riders on race circuits (for track use only). Tire is not DOT…
Dunlop Elite 3 Touring Front Tire
$106.99 - $192.45 You save up to $111.50 (36%)
Dunlop Elite 3 Touring Front Tire Ideal for larger touring bikes, the Dunlop Elite 3 Front Tire is just the right mix of longevity and all weather grip. Turn in and cornering traction is also a strong point so you can enjoy every mile of your motorcycle ride. Substantially improved wear resistance…
Shinko 777 Front Tire
$48.97 - $87.83 You save up to $28.12 (24%)
Shinko 777 Front Tire The 777 was specifically designed for cruiser machines. H rated (130 mph) Tubeless, 4 ply design Aramid belted (90/90-21 nylon belted) 130/90-16 available in white wall
Bridgestone Exedra G701 Front Tire
$82.95 - $147.99 You save up to $99.00 (41%)
…in wet or dry riding conditions. Standard original equipment tires **Note: Radials are designated with an "R" in the tire size. All other tires are bias ply. **Note: Tire sizes with TT designate Tube-Type tires. All other tires are Tubeless. OEM Replacement Sizing: 120/90-17 = Honda VT750…
Kenda K761 Dual Sport Rear Tire
$72.99 - $79.99 You save up to $14.00 (18%)
…street mix, the K761 is the more street focused tire in Kenda's dual sport tire lineup. Able to corner and brake like a full street tire, the K761 is nonetheless capable of comfortably exploring gravel and dirt roads. Exactly what an adventure touring tire should be like. Unbeatable combination of…
Avon AM26 Roadrider Rear Tire
$87.95 - $185.70 You save up to $56.29 (32%)
Avon AM26 Roadrider Rear Tire A tire that is solid across the board, the Avon AM26 Roadrider features a tread design that corners predictably and is confidence inspiring in wet conditions. Available in a wide variety of sizes, the AM26 Roadrider Rear Tire makes for a great value priced all-rounder…
Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Rear Tire
$92.99 - $96.99 You save up to $54.84 (35%)
Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Rear Tire Dunlop designed the D606 tire to be street-legal with an emphasis on aggressive off-road riding A full-depth tread pattern designed for rigorous off-road use yields excellent traction on everything from hard-packed fire roads to soft single-track trails At the same…
Michelin Commander II Cruiser Front Tire
$99.99 - $169.29 You save up to $99.66 (36%)
…Commander II Cruiser Front TireWith unmatched longevity as well as style and stability even in wet weather, the Commander II front tire sets the standard for all cruiser tires to aspire to. Designed with a tread compound that is formulated to improve grip and mileage, the Michelin Commander II will…
Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Rear Tire
$19.99 - $79.99 You save up to $32.00 (35%)
…cornering A great tire for serious dual sport riders D.O.T. approved for highway use Open thread blocks provide maximum traction with efficient cleaning Excellent for intermediate to hard terrain Tread design that provides traction both on straights and out of corners This tire is part of a matching…
Moose Racing Heavy Duty Tube
$28.95 - $33.95
Moose Racing Heavy Duty Tube Heavy-duty tubes made specifically for off-road and motocross German-made, these are the sturdiest, highest-quality tubes on the market 3mm thick natural rubber construction helps resist pinch flats Include mini applications All have center metal stem (TR-4)
Metzeler Tube
$24.95 - $45.99 You save up to $4.96 (28%)
…160/80-16, 130/90-16, 140/90-16 (TR-87 90° Stem) 16" Type A = 110/90-16, 120/90-16, 130/90-16 17" Type A = 4.10/4.60, 130/60, 110/70 to 130/70, 100/80 to 120/80, 110/90, 120/90 17 Type B = 160/70-17, 170/55-17, 170/60-17, 180/55-17, 190/50-17, 200/50-17 17 Type C= 5.10-17, 130/70-17, 120/80-17,…
Michelin TR-4 Inner Tube
$8.99 - $30.99 You save up to $2.96 (9%)
…MT90/MU85-16 (Centerline for Harley) 16" Type D= 2.50-16, 80/80-16 17" Type A= 120/80-17, 4.00/4.60-17 17" Type B= 120/90-17, 130/70-17, 130/80-17, 140/80-17 17" Type C= 130/90-17, 140/80-17, 150/70-17, 160/70-17 (For Harley) 17" Type D= 160/70-17(For Harley) 18" Type A= 100/90-18, 110/80-18,…
MSR Heavy Duty Tube
$13.99 - $25.99 You save up to $1.96 (6%)
MSR Heavy Duty Tube Extra thick tubes for those critical situations where you absolutely can't have a flat Puncture and pinch resistant Made with high-quality natural rubber
Pirelli Heavy Duty Inner Tubes
$13.99 - $30.99 You save up to $4.96 (12%)
Pirelli Heavy Duty Inner Tubes Heavy-duty inner tubes are constructed of natural rubber Lightweight Puncture resistant TR style valve stern
Michelin TR-6 Inner Tube
$17.99 - $28.99 You save up to $2.96 (5%)
…Splice is always placed opposite the valve stem to help balance the tube Used by those who want the very best Tube Sizing: 16" Type A= MT90-16 offset 17" Type A= 120/90-17, 130/70-17 19" Type A= 100/90-19, 90/90-19, 3.25/3.50-19 21" Type A= 2.75/3.25-21, 80/90-21, 90/90-21 **Closeouts are limited to…
Avon AM26 Roadrider Front Tire
$75.95 - $179.99 You save up to $84.00 (34%)
…Roadrider Front Tire Excellent grip at all lean angles from a large contact patch Interrupted center groove to resist tracking Special rubber compound formulated for excellent grip Bias-ply construction Wide range of sizes and matching tread design front and rear **Note: Universal Tires (fit both…
Avon AM43 Distanzia Front Tire
$86.99 - $121.99 You save up to $67.00 (29%)
Avon AM43 Distanza Front TireAdvanced tread pattern designed for on-off road applications On-off road tire designed for larger capacity dual-sport machines Unique VBD (Variabl Belt Density) construction gives excellent straight line stability and improved grip in corners High-mileage compound for…
Metzeler Tourance Next Front Tire
$134.99 - $147.99 You save up to $68.51 (31%)
…Tourance Next Front Tire The evolution of Metzeler's Tourance, the Next raises the bar with a reworked rubber compound that targets wet weather and increased mileage. Already a popular choice for large displacement adventure bikes, these changes help make this a front tire that can comfortably…
Bridgestone Exedra Max Bias Front Tire
$84.54 - $128.88 You save up to $100.11 (46%)
Bridgestone Exedra Max Bias Ply Front Tire Bridgestone's new Exedra Max is made for all the touring and cruiser riders who demand only the best out of their tires. This tire is specially designed to reduce rider fatigue and to cater to all tour type riding styles. Specific compound to provide long…
Pirelli MT66 Route Cruiser Front Tire
$69.99 - $126.99 You save up to $61.71 (33%)
…and water displacement Durable 4-ply nylon construction Pirelli suggests Night Dragon Tires for Harley Davidson ModelsSpeed Ratings: S-rated for speeds up to 112 mph H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph**Note: Tire listed below are Tube Type "TT" tires 120/90S-17 3.00/18S-18 100/90S-19 80/90H-21
Kenda K270 Dual Purpose Rear Tire
$39.99 - $68.99 You save up to $27.00 (34%)
…compromising wear on the street Reinforced sidewalls and extra bead strength for extended durability and performance D.O.T. approved for highway use Front/rear combination provides balanced performance both on and off road This tire is part of a matching set, see the K270 Dual Sport Front Tire
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