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Roland Sands Design Cruiser Motorcycle Gloves for Men

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Roland Sands Design Barfly Gloves
Roland Sands Design Barfly Gloves The night is no time for rest; the hot spot is a moving target throughout town. Start, stop, on and off the bike continuously. Tonight's guest list demands the Rol...
Roland Sands Design Ace Gloves
Roland Sands Design Ace GlovesWith the Ace glove, RSD steps away from the retro café racer theme and gives you sportbike track fiend. Mind you, Roland Sands does sportbike differently than just abo...

Latest Reviews

Corban (FPO )


Was hoping for quality that matched the jacket

I own a Roland Sands Barfly Jacket (tobacco). I love the jacket. It's great. I have been shopping a long time for gloves to match. So I finally gave in and paid a premium price of $70 for these. Assuming that because they're the same brand, same style and same color that they would be relatively close in appearance. Well after waiting for 3 weeks for shipping overseas I am very disappointed with these. The jacket is a beautiful brown with a glossy finish and high quality. These are a drab brown with matte finish and the quality is nowhere near the jackets. I took pictures to share with this review but there is nowhere to attach them. Suffice it to say that they looked completely different in material and color when worn together. I'm not impressed. The fit and comfort were reasonable but I have weird shaped hands (large palms and shorter fingers) so it's hard to find gloves that fit well. So, I'll be returning these as soon as the website allows me to. And if you're buying these to go along with your new jacket I don't recommend it online. Go to a store and compare them in person.

Ealr (Winchester )

Cost Benefit

Sands for my Hands

These are not cheap gloves. However, They are top quality great looking gloves and worth the price. The styling caught my eyes and I am so glad I bought these. They look better in person than in the pics. Purpose built with great design all the way.

Dennis (Long Beach )


Look Great, but...

The value is just not here. They run small, don't breath, and are made in china. I expected more. I love the design, and I'm sure the first run of these were awesome; however, the craftsmanship of these gloves at $90 is an absolute joke. "A motorcycle glove made just right for quick cruises through town" That's because if you do anything more you'll lose feeling in your hands! BTW you can't "snap the clasp shut" it's velcro.