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2000 Suzuki Katana 600 Parts

2000 Suzuki Katana 600
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HT Moto Seat Covers
HT Moto
Seat Covers
$55.99 - $93.99
You save $11.01 (14%)
  • Black Grip
HT Moto Seat Covers Replace your worn seat cover or protect your OEM seat Made to install over your existing seat or replace a worn cover Includes covers for front and rear seats where applicable
Wild Ass Lite Seat Cushion
Wild Ass Lite Seat Cushion Wild Ass Lite is a great option for the budget conscious, occasional rider.  Made of economical lightweight polyurethane that reduces painful pressure points and vibratio...
Wild Ass Air Gel Seat Cushion
Wild Ass Air Gel Seat Cushion The Air Gel is a great mid-priced cushion for riders looking with multiple cushion needs and three layers of polyurethane with Gel pads inserted inside each individual...
Wild Ass Classic Air Seat Cushion
Wild Ass Classic Air Seat Cushion The classic is the premium line and designed for frequent long-distance riders who want only the best level of comfort money can buy.  Made with medical-grade neop...

Latest Reviews

Austin (Midlothian )



The fit and finish of these seats is quite good. I have had them on my bike for a year and about 6,000 miles of riding. They still look brand new. The seat sits lower than stock, which can make the bike easier to flat foot for shorter people, but also means the pegs are now closer as well. While the shape of the seat does feel more comfortable, the padding is a lot less than I expected. Long rides over an hour still result in numbness of the backside and even longer rides end in pain. These are great seats, but for me, I'd spend the money on a cushion for the stock seat and the rest on something shiny. 2012 Yamaha FZ1

Larry (Robstown )


Road Sofa 07 Goldwing

Shipping was slower than I expected. I ordered two weeks before my trip. It barely made it in time. Great seat for a great price. Fit was perfect.

Dustin (Rochester )


Worth it

The SV will never be a couch, so don't expect it to be. What this seat does do is alleviate the pressure points of the stock seat. Now I slowly get uncomfortable and that discomfort stays about the same all day. With the stock seat, I would be fine for around an hour then in pain for anything longer that. I wasted time modifying and re-upholstering the stock seat before I finally got this and I'm happy I did