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2000 Buell S3 Thunderbolt Suspension

2000 Buell S3 Thunderbolt
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Race Tech
Fork Springs
$104.99 - $137.79
You save up to $7.16 (4%)
Race Tech Fork Springs Never settle for suspension that doesn’t work for you again, with these Race tech fork springs you can transform your suspension to what fits your size and riding ...
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Fork Oil Seals
$5.99 - $45.99
You save up to $11.00 (19%)
  • Black
Bikemaster Fork Oil Seals Keep your ride rolling smooth, and safe by replacing worn out or damaged fork seals. Bikemaster's Fork Oil Seals keeps your forks stanchions lubricated with fork oil so ...
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All Balls
Fork And Dust Seal Kit
$17.99 - $38.09
You save up to $4.21 (9%)
All Balls Fork And Dust Seal Kit Patented fork seal features a balanced 3 lip design that evenly distributes the pressure reducing operating temperature, wear and friction Custom Elastome...

Latest Reviews

Edwin (Cohocton )


Excellent shock

The shock appears to be a quality product. It fits perfectly and was easy to install. The two spacers that were supposed to come with the shock were either missing or I lost them. My 2004 KLR650 is much more stable, with no sloshing at the back end. The ride is firm and controlled, but the bumps are well damped. It's a big improvement over the stock shock. It shows me how bad the stocker was. I'm very pleased and would recommend this shock. It's also a great value.

Tim ( )



So glad you now offer Shock Sox. We have used Shock Sox on all of our bikes for the past 10 years. Until now we have purchased them elsewhere, but I am super glad to see you now offer this product, and at a great price. This is the single greatest preventive maintenance product on the market...and has saved us $$$ through the years.

Crazy (Augusta )


Better than stock

I purchased these shocks because the biker that owned my ride before me is a good friend of mine, the problem is he is 5"8 125 and I'm 6"3 215. He had purchased 9 inch shocks and the bike would bottom out with me. I installed the 444 series and took it for a ride. The shocks are amazing and has a superior ride as Harley stock shocks. I have always ridden Harley Davidsons and they have always made me feel sore after long rides. I have done several 300 mile rides with the 444 shocks and I have no," beat to hell feeling" with these shocks. Thanks motorcycle super store!!

steve (Adelaide )


huge difference

put the progressive fork springs in as well.. did the 444 shocks and suddenly my bike was hugging the road on those tight bends... ripping round those long sweepers with out flinging me onto the other side of the road.. I am now carting the missus around with me again and the bike doesn't leap off the road when I hit pot holes or bottom out any more.. though after 3300 kilometres last week with my mates I find that I will have to adjust them again as they have gone a little soft so today I wash bike and readjust shocks and we see how they go next week.... the instructions said they may take a little time to bed in...

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