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    2004 Honda ST1300 Battery

    2004 Honda ST1300
    Tire Size:
    Front: 120/70-18, Rear: 170/60-17
    Spark Plug:
    Oil Filter:
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    TruGel Battery
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    BikeMaster TruGel Battery BikeMaster has supplied a battery with undeniable reliability, durability, and safety by incorporating Nanogel technology. This technology provides a vibration and shock resi
    LFX Battery
    You save $20.29 (10%)
    Shorai LFX Battery Shorai offers the next generation of high-powered, long-lasting motorcycle and ATV batteries that is sure to leave the others behind. The Shorai LFX is the first in the industry to
    YTZ Factory-Activated Maintenance Fre...
    You save $36.54 (17%)
    Yuasa YTZ Factory-Activated Maintenance Free Battery Factory issue on a number of modern street bikes, the Yuasa YTZ Factory-Activated Maintenance Free Battery comes ready to go with plenty of power t
    AGM Platinum II Battery
    You save $29.24 (25%)
    BikeMaster AGM Platinum II Battery Once filled and sealed, the BikeMaster AGM Platinum II Battery provides strong cranking power and long life. Coming in fitments for both dirt bikes and street bikes,
    Battery Hardware
    $0.95 - $1.95
    $0.76 - $1.46
    You save up to $0.49 (25%)
    BikeMaster Battery Hardware Did you drop a battery bolt or nut and can't find it anywhere? Don't stress BikeMaster makes replacements! These affordable replacement battery hardware kits are designed f
    Closeout 43% off
    Power Max
    Maintenance Free Battery
    You save $37.96 (43%)
    Power Max Maintenance Free Battery Maintenance Free type. Sealed against acid leaks, batteries are activated and full charged and ready to go out of the box. Excellent Shock and vibration resistance.
    Drag Specialties Battery Pad 1/8" low-density neoprene with pressure sensitive, removable liner on one side that exposes the adhesive for contact Pad is oversized so it can be trimmed into
    Aliant Ultralight Lithium Battery Aliant batteries are the result of a team of italian engineers and technicians, driven by passion for races and competitions. These batteries have proven to be more r

    Latest Reviews

    B Gray (Vista, CA)


    So far, so good

    I've had this battery for about a month and it seems to be working great. It cranks the motor much better than the old one I had did. Hopefully it lasts awhile.

    Dennis (Redding , CA)


    Yuasa High performance battery

    Purchased my RoadStar new in 2010 from showroom floor. Had 8 miles but is a 2007 model. I can only assume the Yuasa battery was the one installed at time of manufacture and if so, it has lasted 8 years. Pretty good I'd say which is why I purchased the same brand of battery when it needed replacing. Would highly recommend this battery.

    Ny78 (Nashville , TN)


    Ballistic EVO 2 battery

    Great battery that works really well. Do not have to keep a maintenance charger on it.

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