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1987 Honda XR600R Parts

1987 Honda XR600R
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Trail Tech Vapor Computer Kit
Trail Tech
Vapor Computer Kit
$116.99 - $170.96
You save $13.96 (10%)
  • Silver
Trail Tech Vapor Computer KitThe Trail Tech Vapor packs all the performance you need into one versatile package. Use the Trail Tech Vapor to keep track of everything from engine temperature and rpm...
Trail Tech Vapor Stealth Computer Kit
Trail Tech
Vapor Stealth Computer Kit
You save $13.96 (10%)
  • Black
Trail Tech Vapor Stealth Computer Kit Speedometer: current speed, maximum speed, selectableMPH/KMH display Tachometer: real time RPM bar graph, numeric RPM readout, dual programmable shift lights,...
Closeout up to 24% off
Trail Tech Endurance II Kits
Trail Tech
Endurance II Kits
$67.99 - $80.99
You save up to $21.96 (24%)
  • Black
  • Silver
Closeout up to 24% off
Trail Tech Endurance II Kits Trail Tech's Endurance II is an economical, fully functional speedometer with model specific applications for motorcycles, ATV and UTV's.  Features include current, ave...
NGK DPR8EIX-9 - Iridium Spark Plug
DPR8EIX-9 - Iridium Spark Plug
You save $2.04 (17%)
  • White
NGK DPR8EIX-9 - Iridium Spark Plug Designed specifically for the performance enthusiast. Iridium IX® offers extreme ignitability, improved throttle response and superior anti fouling. ...
Hardline Hour/Tachometer
You save $3.49 (10%)
  • Black
Hardline Hour/TachometerHR-8061-2 Hour/Tachometer with adjustable input, Resettable MAX RPM and Log Book!Hardline Products Surface Mounted Inductive Meters provide what today's power-sports user ne...
Trail Tech TTO Tach/Hour Meter
Trail Tech
TTO Tach/Hour Meter
You save $2.96 (8%)
  • Grey
Trail Tech TTO Tach/Hour MeterWorks on all gas engines (including fuel injected 4-cyl engines) Tracks total hours on motor, non-resettable Measures tach up 20,000 RPM in real time Remembers max RPM...
PowerMadd E3 36 Spark Plug
PowerMadd E3 36 Spark Plug All new plug design features a unique electrode shape that maximizes the power created by the spark plug - diamond fire technology Electrode is a combination of performa...
NGK Spark Plug Resistor Cover
Spark Plug Resistor Cover
$2.59 - $5.99
You save $0.44 (10%)
  • Black
NGK Spark Plug Resistor Cover Get your engine running to its peak with a new NGK Spark Plug Resistor Cover; it will keep the spark in, and everything else out. And get your ride moving cleaner and...
Pro Taper Wireless Hour Meter
Pro Taper
Wireless Hour Meter
You save $5.00 (10%)
Pro Taper Wireless Hour MeterMonitor maintenance intervals and eliminate guesswork on when to service your motorcycle with ProTaper's wireless hour meter. Simple and user friendly design employs wi...
Baja Designs Handlebar Control Switch
Baja Designs
Handlebar Control Switch
You save $5.96 (10%)
  • Black
Baja Designs Handlebar Control Switch A plug and play control switch perfect for converting a bike to street legal or replacing a crashed switch. Features: Turn signal control Headlight high-low ...
BikeMaster Tether Switch
Tether Switch
$22.99 - $26.99
You save up to $2.96 (10%)
  • Black
Bikemaster Tether SwitchMandatory for many racing bodies and just a plain good idea for everyone else These kill switches insure that if you and your machine part company the engine is switched off...
Pro Design Tether Switch
Pro Design Tether Switch Key will not accidentally fall out Convenient handlebar mounting Used by top hill climbers and snocrossers Short, tightly curled cord helps avoid tangling in controls, etc...
Dr. D Hour Meter
Dr. D
Hour Meter
You save $4.96 (10%)
  • Black
Dr. D Hour MeterGreat to use on any 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke engine. Electric clock keeps time only while engine is running. It starts counting when it feels electrical pulses through the spark plug wi...
GET Ignitions C1 Engine Hour Meter
GET C1 Engine Hour MeterWorks of Engine Vibrations (no Wire needed) Total and Partial Hour Count Resettable Partial Hour Count Big and clear Display Integrated zip-tie slot Design Waterproof, ...

Latest Reviews

Mike Taylor (Reedsport )


pro taper wireless hour meter

I have a yz250f and no mater where i mounted it the vibration was not enough to work it accurately. I had to send it back.

Matt (Fort Worth )


2001 YZF-R6

This was a direct replacement for my 01 R6 and has worked great so far. After 29,000 miles my original stator finally died and after a lot of research I chose Ricks vs OEM not only save a little $$$ but found out through other reviews that they are reliable. If you have the same bike and are curious regarding the harness and grommet they are all included and work great, no need to splice or install anything. The new stator went straight from the box in to the R6 and I was done in about 10 mins, I didn't even use a gasket, I just used the ultra black RTV gasket maker and it has worked flawlessly.

Bob (DuBois )

Cost Benefit

Excellent performance

These plugs perform better than the CR7's that were installed in the bike at the factory. Smoother idle and better low RPM performance.




I order it because it states equal to OEM and it is not at least for the YZ250F 2015, you have to shorten the cable length , cut the wires as the connector is different and it will not fit easily in the handlebar, price is good and it works tough.

Aki (Miami Beach )



I've only had it on the bike for little over a month now but seems to work well. It's a bit expensive in my opinion but does the job. The last one I had only lasted a year. Hope this one won't disappoint me like that one did. Then again, I only paid $30 bucks for it.