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1996 Kawasaki KX100 Parts

1996 Kawasaki KX100
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Wiseco Complete Bottom End Rebuild Kit
Complete Bottom End Rebuild Kit
$168.99 - $461.99
You save $55.96 (25%)
Wiseco Complete Bottom End Rebuild Kit Each kit contains everything you need to complete your rebuild the right way, the first time- crankshaft and connecting rod, all applicable bearings, and comp...
Wiseco 2-Stroke /4-Stroke Piston Kit
2-Stroke /4-Stroke Piston Kit
$69.99 - $180.99
You save $25.01 (25%)
Wiseco 2-Stroke / 4-Stroke Piston Kit Available for both two stroke and four stroke bikes, the Wiseco Pro Lite Piston Kit is both a great OEM alternative and an easy way to boost the power. Choose ...
MSR Flywheel Weight
Flywheel Weight
$107.99 - $116.99
You save $11.96 (10%)
MSR Racing Flywheel WeightPrecision machined from billet steel Bolt-on installation, no drilling or tapping required Ignition cover spacer included when needed Smoother power Reduces stalling Manuf...
Hot Rods Connecting Rod
Hot Rods
Connecting Rod
$89.99 - $278.99
You save $9.96 (10%)
Hot Rods Connecting Rod Affordable premium quality replacement connecting rods Forged from 8620 AISI steel, hardness tested to insure strength and durability AISI carburized crankpin ...
Cometic Bottom End Gasket Kit
Bottom End Gasket Kit
$8.95 - $83.99
You save $2.96 (9%)
Cometic Bottom End Gasket Kit Assemble your engine once and be done with it.  Use Cometic gaskets for each rebuild to ensure a proper seal. Manufactured from industry leading materials Bottom end g...
Works Connection Oil Filler Plug
Works Connection Oil Filler Plug 6061 T-6 Aluminum with an anodized finish and O-ring seal Adds nice factory look Made in the USA **Note: Honda CRF450R models must order one for crankcase and one...
Cometic Clutch Gasket
Clutch Gasket
$1.99 - $18.99
You save
Cometic Clutch Gasket Sold each Made from AFM material for longevity AFM is a compounded nitrile synthetic rubber bonded to an aluminum core with a high temperature resistance of more than 250°F; i...
MSR Countershaft Bushing And Seal Kit
Countershaft Bushing And Seal Kit
$13.99 - $23.99
You save $0.57 (4%)
MSR Countershaft Bushing And Seal Kit Kit includes case hardened bushing, replacement outer seal along with any O-rings, snap rings or lock washers, required to complete the repair
Wiseco Top End Bearing
Top End Bearing
$12.99 - $13.99
You save $3.51 (21%)
Wiseco Top End Bearing When you replace your top end a new Top end bearing is a must. With a new Wiseco Top End Bearing it will keep that wrist pin and rod working perfectly when you put it to...
Hot Rods Main Bearing and Seal Kit
Hot Rods
Main Bearing and Seal Kit
$31.99 - $76.99
You save $3.96 (9%)
Hot Rods Main Bearing and Seal KitPrecision, high-quality main bearing and seal kits complement Hot Rods crankshaft assemblies All kits contain two main bearings and two seals Work for rebuilding ...
Hot Rods Countershaft Seal Kit
Hot Rods
Countershaft Seal Kit
$6.95 - $22.99
You save $0.96 (5%)
Hot Rods Countershaft Seal KitOriginally created to produce connecting rods for a vintage Ossa, Hot Rods has grown to become the world's largest supplier of O.E.M. replacement crankshafts and perfo...
Hot Rods Crankshaft Assembly
Hot Rods
Crankshaft Assembly
$161.99 - $584.99
You save $17.96 (10%)
Hot Rods Crankshaft Assembly All new assembly sold complete with Hot Rods connecting rod Factory assembled and trued to OEM specifications, Hot Rods cranks will meet or surpass the OEM in perf...
MSR Crankshaft Bearing Kit
Crankshaft Bearing Kit
$24.99 - $131.99
You save $3.58 (8%)
QuadBoss Crankshaft Bearing Kit Koyo Precision crank bearings Double lip seals with PTFE contact area tolerate dry start conditions with less crankshaft pin wear

Latest Reviews

Jerry Vasata (Manorville )


Piece of doodoo

Had about 4 hours tops on the crank with fresh oil and the mother seized. I thought she blew but when I took off the top end, the rod was seized to the crank. Piece of cheap garbage. Do not buy

Kyle (Meteghan )

Cost Benefit

Great product

Everything from price , delivery and product is great , would recommend Motorcycle Superstore to anyone.