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1993 Kawasaki KLX650 Exhaust

1993 Kawasaki KLX650
Front Tire:
Rear Tire:
Spark Plug:
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Pro Circuit
T-4 Slip-On Exhaust
$285.99 - $409.99
You save up to $54.96 (11%)
  • Aluminum
Pro Circuit T-4 Slip-On ExhaustImproved power delivery and exhaust note Body is made from lightweight 6061 T-6 brushed aluminum and the end cap and intake tube are stainless steel Tunable end caps...
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Accel High-Temperature Exhaust Wrap Kit Wraps will increase power and reduce radiated exhaust heat Kits include 25ft. 2-in. wide top quality high-temperature wrap and four stainless steel tie...
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Universal Bolt-On Steel Silencer
You save $7.96 (9%)
  • Black
DG Universal Bolt-On Steel Silencer Suitable for older motorcycles and custom applications 1" fits most 100/125cc bikes, 11/8" fits most 250cc bikes and 11/4" fits most larger bikes Measureme...
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Moose Racing
Exhaust Wrap
$53.95 - $59.95
  • Tan
  • Black
Moose Racing Exhaust Wrap Ceramic cloth wrap available in black and tan Stable at temperatures up to 2000° Insulates exhaust header pipes to protect you or your machine from intense hea...
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FMF 4 Stroke Wash Plug Keep your exhaust safe while washing off the mud from last week's ride. This exhaust plug works great for keeping water, dirt, debris and rodents out of your engine; but don'...
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Two Brothers Racing
Muffler Repack Kit
You save $3.30 (15%)
Two Brothers Racing Muffler Repack KitKit is for all Two Brothers Racing mufflers Includes rivets (x16), #30 drill bit and mat of repacking material Sizing Information: 17.5" Wide 30" Long .5" Thick
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Moose Racing
Exhaust Plug
$5.95 - $6.95
  • Orange
Moose Racing Exhaust Plug Keep your exhaust system clean from mud and water while you wash your bike Comes with lanyard for easy removal Available in two size: small for 2-strokes and large for 4-...
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Moose Racing Competition Muffler Packing The best low weight - high quality packing on the market 25% lighter than stock packing Quieter and longer lasting than fiberglass packing Sold in a ...
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Rubber Muffler Plugs
$3.99 - $4.99
You save up to $0.76 (13%)
  • Red
Bikemaster Rubber Muffler PlugsProtects the exhaust system from water during pressure washing, keeps humidity from entering pipe as it cools down or prevents condensation inside the pipe during sto...
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Giant Loop Hot Springs Heat ShieldDon't get burned! Giant Loop's ingeniously simple and effective exhaust shield protects bags and bodywork from heat damage. The Hot Springs Heat Shield helps avoid...
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Helix Swivel Exaust Springs Replace your old worn exhaust springs with Helix swivel exhaust springs. Stainless steel swivel Heavy duty stainless steel Swivel hook *Note: KTM 65SX 1998-20...
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Drag Specialties Muffler Packing Replace blown out muffler packing to improve performance and sound with Drag Specialties heavy-duty muffler packing . Heavy-duty 1200°F muffler packing ...
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Moose Racing
Heat Shield
$10.95 - $27.95
Moose Racing Heat Shield Aluminized heat barrier with adhesive backing Foil-coated ceramic cloth adheres to body panels to protect plastic or fiberglass from engine or exhaust heat Available in...
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Dr. D
Repack Pillow Kit
You save $2.96 (9%)
  • White
Dr. D Repack Pillow KitDRD Packing Pillows are second to none These are the same pillows used in the exhaust when they build it at the factory Use this packing pillow with any DRD exhaust system
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Heat Tiles
$6.99 - $51.35
You save up to $5.70 (9%)
  • Aluminum
Maier Heat Tiles Maier is the leader in quality powersports plastics and now they are invested in helping you protect them with heat-proof aluminized fiberglass tiles. These Heat Tiles are design...

Latest Reviews

Ken (San Diego )


Power core 4

Bolted on to my 2015 WR450F in less than 5 minutes. Great power improvement along with GTYR competition ECU. Woke the WR right up. Sounds good with out being overly loud.

Ben Griswold (Minneapolis )


Street Applications

Bought this to repack my M7 and it did not fit in the cannister. After 3 attempts of cutting and stuffing (following multiple TB directives) I gave up. Couldn't believe how difficult it was for such a simple job so I did more research and found out that TB makes an offroad specific kit for repacking the M7. 2 hours, $20 and fiberglass splinters all for nothing. Make sure you get the right one.

Anthony (Kerhonkson )

Cost Benefit

Awesome exhaust

I put this exhaust on my stock 2015 crf230 and it runs perfect no need to jet the carb and it makes cold starting the bike so much better it fires right up!

Ken (Burlington )


Carbon Fibre Black Series

I have a 2011 Yamaha Fazer 8. Stock exhaust was way to quiet and mid range needed some help if asked to perform. I Had the Two Brothers Carbon Fibre Black Series installed with a Juice Box Commander unit. First of all its a fantastic looking pipe. It is very punchy and crackly sounding but moderate under 6 grand. From 7-11,500 rpm all hell brakes lose and it is extremely loud and obnoxious. I love it. With the fuel mapping supplied by the Juice box, it has brought this bike to life. I am 53 years old and do not ride hard but when you crack it, it is right there, no delay. Would highly recommend this pipe.

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