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MSR ATV Riding Underwear for Men

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MSR Base Layer Long-Sleeved Undershirt
Base Layer Long-Sleeved Undershirt
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  • Black
Closeout 30% off
MSR Racing Base Layer Long-Sleeved UndershirtBase Layer fabric is 50% lighter than the standard cotton T-Shirt After 60 minutes of exercise the Base Layer fabric releases 80% of its moisture after...

Latest Reviews

James (Blue Springs )

Cost Benefit

Neck hole is WAY too small for comfort

I've had 2 pairs of the pants that match this shirt, and I love them. I like the pants so much, I decided to get the matching shirt. My chest size is 44, so the sizing chart indicated that I would need an XL. The body of the shirt fits great. However, the neck hole is so small that I can barely get the shirt over my head. And once I manage to get it on, it feels like I am being gently choked. I sent an email to MSR regarding the fit issue, but got no response. So I'm returning the shirt to Motorcycle Superstore.