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2000 BMW R1100R Seats

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Seat Cushion
$91.95 - $99.95
AirHawk 2 Seat Cushion The last mile feels like the first, thanks to AIRHAWK's® exclusive Shape Fitting Technology®. The patented system eliminates painful pressure points and promotes consistent blo
E130 Backrest Pad
You save $4.01 (8%)
Givi E130 Backrest Pad Add another level of luxury and comfort to you Givi B33 Top Case with a soft backrest pad. This pad integrates seamlessly into your case to provide back support for those long
Fast Access Quick-Release Pins
You save $2.96 (8%)
Sargent Fast Access Quick-Release Pins Quick-release ball detent pins end the hassle of seat or seat cowl mounting bolts Just press the pin spindle to release; no tools required Pins have snug-fittin

Latest Reviews

Mark (Ottawa, 0)

Cost Benefit


Saddle added a lot of padding for my skinny little butt. I did 2500 miles and was worried I wouldnt make it. Problem I had was my nylon bike pants didnt stick very well to the neoprene seat cover causing me to slide forwards on the saddle away from the sweet spot with all the extra padding. I was constantly scooting back up. Jeans made a difference but not enough. I'd but it again but I'd consider a leather saddle and pay the difference up to $500!

Karl (San Antonio, TX)


ST1300 seat

This seat is slightly wider than a stock seat so you may find the need to use a lower position. Give it a few hundred miles before passing judgement on its comfort. When I first purchased it I was ready to send it back after one day. Now, with just over 500 miles on the seat, it feels very comfortable. Good news for those who ride two-up. My wife reports that the rear portion of the seat is very comfortable.

Orrie (McPherson, KS)


KZ 650 H1 seat

I was so happy I purchased this seat cover and am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. The quality is great and installation is a breeze. The only reason I didn't give fit a full 5 stars is because if you look carefully you can see that it's not the original cover. However, unless you really are looking closely, you'll never notice this. I highly recommend you buy this product to get your bike back on the road.

Mark W (Robinson, IL)


Mark W

I purchased the "low" version to help me get my feet flat on the ground as I'm only about 30" inseam. Don't really care for the way the seat sets. A little too much forward lean I think. And it's hard as a board. Of course to make it a lower seat-height seat, they have to leave out padding I guess. I put lowering links on the bike and put the factory seat back on. This seat also doesn't fit on the bike as neatly as the factory seat.

Gareth (Erskine Park, NSW)


Great product, good price, lightning fast shipping

Much cheaper to buy this from the USA and have it shipped to Australia than it would have been to buy from the importer here. 5 days delivery time from the USA to Australia - amazing! The best thing I've ever added to my bike. Even after 4-hour rides I feel like I'd been hardly riding at all. Perfect fit - had no trouble at all. Visually very appealing, which can't be said for the Corbin seats. Would recommend this seat to any Street Triple rider.

Dorothy (Masury, OH)


Best Christmas gift ever!

I had a little trouble installing it, but that's to be expected when you work on a Goldwing. I love it!

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