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2013 Harley-Davidson Dyna FLD Switchback Windshields/Fairings

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Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing You can justify it for its wind protection on long rides but let's be honest the Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing is all about the looks it adds to your cruiser. And regar
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EZ Windshield
$259.95 - $269.95
$233.99 - $242.99
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Show Chrome EZ Windshield Windshields fit most 1" handlebars and have a 1" built-in height adjustment. The angle of the windshield can be set by simply rotating the hardware around the handlebars. The
Klock Werks Flare Windshield for Batwing Flare Windshields are Wind tunnel designed and tested, the "hips" provide added downforce while the flip at the tip directs air over the rider to help eliminat

Latest Reviews

Michael (Fargo, ND)

Cost Benefit

Great looking windshield!

By far one of the coolest windshields I have seen. I purchased the tinted one to really help blend in with my black Suzuki M50. Looks like it was made for my bike! Was a bit of a struggle to get it installed (instructions are not the best) but once we figured it out we were able to get it secured on properly. Looks great and does its job well!

Eric (birdsboro, PA)

Cost Benefit

memphis slim 17

Awesome, love it! Real quick to install and I also purchased the quick connect hardware and it works great. Took about 10 minutes to install and 5 more to line up where I wanted it.

Sean (Sacramento, CA)


Great Protection

I bought my first Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing when they were first introduced to the market. At that time I believe Memphis Shades only had a 5" and 9" windshield for the Batwing. I went with the 5" which created a lot of helmet buffeting. The Batwing was replacing a MS 21" Fats that I had on my VTX1800C. I used the 5" Batwing shield as a template to cut my MS Fats shield to fit the Batwing Fairing. I ended up with an 11.5" windshield that I could see over and greatly reduced the helmet buffeting. My homemade windshield became scratched over the years so I replaced it with the 12" Solar Windshield which is shaped wider at the top of the shield than the Fats shield is which in turn offers even more protection but because of it's shape causes me to have to look through the shield occasionally (I'm 5'9" with short legs and a long torso). This bothered me a bit at first but I have become accustomed to it. I really like the looks of the solar compared to the Clear and it is a light enough tint that it causes no night riding vision problems. I would definitely recommend the 12" Windshield if helmet buffeting is a problem for you.

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