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Top KTM 250 SX Parts

Maxima Pre-Oiled Air Filter When you get ready to change your filter, change to a Maxima Pre-Oiled ready to use ProFilter. A new perfectly oiled ProFilter air filter provides maximum airflow and increased horsepower.  Features:Provides maximum airflow and increased horsepower Dual stage open foam matrix Pre-oiled with Maxima FFT™ Complete with disposable gloves Dyno tested, race proven Industrial high strength glued seams 6mm outer foam 10mm inner foam Bonded dual-stage 16mm filtering thickness Plush 13mm sealing foam
Renthal 520 Off-Road Front Countershaft SprocketFront sprockets are made of case-hardened nickel chromoly steel Ultralight front sprockets are 10% to 15% lighter than standard sprockets All sprockets feature self-cleaning grooves to clear mud and increase sprocket life Drilled design looks trick, saves weight and doesn't sacrifice strength Used by Honda, Kawasaki, Pro Circuit Kawasaki, Troy Racing and KTM teams **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
Pro Taper
Pillow Top MX Grips
You save $1.29 (9%)
Pro Taper Pillow Top MX GripsGiving relief to hands and riders alike across the country, the Pro Taper Pillow Top MX Grips reduce the effects of vibration and jarring and let you ride the roughest of tracks longer and faster than ever before. Vibrasonix pillow top eliminates vibration and cushions impact Tacky gel-like surface compound is perfect for offroad riders Inner core compound is perfects the bonding interface with bars ANTI-Rip Tip uses denser compound to increase life of grip Designed to self-clean and shed mud away from outer surface**Note: For use with twist throttle applications.
Long Life Sintered R Rear Brake Pads
You save $4.90 (14%)
EBC's Long Life Sintered R Rear Brake Pads Combine excellent brake performance with maximum durability US-made sintered bronze pad construction for long pad life Good for riding in wet, mud, dust or sand **Notes: All brake pads are sold in a set for one caliper. Order one set for each disc brake on your ATV/UTV Never use sintered metal brake pads in bikes originally equipped with non-sintered brake pads Item may vary from image
No-Toil Fast Filter This is a high quality, 2-stage foam air filter that is pre-treated with No-Toil biodegradable filter oil. It is perfectly oiled and ready to use right out of the bag. It is built with high quality standards and has a 6 month warranty. This is not a cheap filter. Applications for most current dirt bikes and atv's Gloves included for hassle free installation One per pack **NOTE: KTM 50cc LC come with 3 per pack Most 50, 80 and 90cc atv's come with 2 per pack Suzuki King Quad 450/700 includes filter, cage, and topper
Gold Series Gnarly Pipe
$214.96 - $251.99
You save up to $28.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
FMF Gold Series Gnarly Pipe Made specifically for tough enduro riding, the FMF Gnarly pipe boosts lower RPM horsepower and torque so you can get over the nastiest of terrain. And in addition to the increase in bottom end power, the FMF Gnarly also features a heavy duty construction that can take repeated hits again and again. If hard enduro is your thing, this is your pipe. Features: Nickel plating is an FMF trademark and has been copied by everyone making it the most imitated expansion chamber in the world Super strong 18-gauge steel construction makes it GNARLY Click Here for Pipe Spring/ O-ring Kit Click Here for Additional Exhaust Information
Twin Air Foam Air Filter If racing is any indication, the Twin Air filter is a very effective air filter. Supercross, motocross, desert and enduro, Twin Air has the wins and titles. Made with varying densities of foam, the Twin Air filter traps any dirt and keeps the engine clean of contaminants. And with a durable construction, this air filter can be washed and used again and again. Coarse, open-pore foam catches airborne dirt, grime and sand Fine open-pore inner foam acts as a second filter to trap the smallest particles while ensuring maximum air passage Exclusively formulated adhesive withstands repeated cleaning, even with harsh solvents or gasoline Slightly smaller than stock filters to increase air space around the filter and improve circulation Fused outer and inner elements prevent dirt and grime from being lodged between layers. Unlike Twin Air, this can be a problem with inferior 2-piece designs. Trapped particles can restrict airflow, and dirt works its way into your engine, a pinhead-sized granule will gouge your cylinder, piston and rings Thick, flat foam, greaseless sealing ring ensures maximum contact with your airbox, while acting as a breathable gasket for increased air passage **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
Brake Pads
$15.16 - $34.36
You save up to $8.59 (20%)
BikeMaster Brake Pads The precise proportions of Kevlar, Twaron, Ceramic, and low metal content makes the BM150 brake pad compound unique with a broad range of performance features. The result of over a decade of structured dyno testing, customer feedback, and real world abuse and with over a million sets sold worldwide, BikeMaster brake pads have proven their worth with consistent power and exceptional feel at an unbeatable price. Made at the same factory that supplies Japanese OEM's Formulated for high performance stopping power Long service life Excellent feel and feedback Superior fade resistance Sold as a set
BR8ECM - Spark Plug
You save $2.14 (14%)
  • White
NGK BR8ECM - Spark Plug The workhorse, at the heart of smooth-running engines around the world. OEM Quality Triple-Gasket Sealing Process Consistent Performance Plug of Choice in Millions of Vehicles Plug Specifications Thread Diameter - 14mm Hex Size - 13/16'' Compact type, low angle ground electrode Resistor type
MSR Racing Rear Wheel Bearing Kit Features: Replacement bearing kits for rear wheels Replace OEM parts at a fraction of the price Kits include all bearings and seals needed for a rebuild
520 Front Countershaft Sprocket
$8.99 - $25.99
You save up to $4.00 (13%)
  • Steel
JT 520 Front Countershaft SprocketMade exclusively from the finest grade of C49 high carbon steel, JT Countershaft Sprockets are made to last with a lifespan greater than any other steel or aluminum sprocket. Each sprocket is heat treated and hand finished to exceed OEM standards, so you get the maximum power transferred to the rear wheel. Designed for 520 size OEM replacements or suitable conversions to 520 size chain and sprockets Outlasts any mild steel or surface hardened sprocket as much as two and three times over Item is bike specific, may vary from photo
Turbine Core 2 Spark Arrestor Silencer
$111.79 - $137.59
You save up to $22.40 (14%)
  • Silver
FMF Turbine Core 2 Spark Arrestor Silencer The granddaddy of two stroke spark arrestors, the FMF Turbine Core 2 is race proven, extremely durable and best of all 100% U.S. Forest Service legal. Made with a straight through canister design, the Turbine Core 2 silencer maintains power levels while also not requiring constant cleaning. Whether you are racing enduros or hare scrambles or just a casual trail rider, the FMF Turbine Core 2 spark arrestor is a no brainer. Features: No horsepower loss Repackable U.S. Forestry approved No loose parts to fall off Stainless steel endcaps look like factory bikes Original Turbinecore spark arrestors have many of the same features as Turbinecore II with concave endcap Click Here for Additional Exhaust Information
Moose Racing KTM Rear Wheel Bearing Upgrade Kit Instead of just replacing the worn bearings in your KTM, upgrade them with this complete kit Compared to other bikes, KTM uses low load wheel bearings, this kit brings them up to spec Upgrade your bearings, spacers, and seals in one shot
Long Life Sintered R Front Brake Pads
$25.76 - $29.24
You save up to $5.76 (16%)
EBC's Long Life Sintered R Front Brake Pads Combine excellent brake performance with maximum durability US-made sintered bronze pad construction for long pad life Good for riding in wet, mud, dust or sand**Notes: Yamaha Rhino 700 Front brake pads also fit Rear All brake pads are sold in a set for one disc. Order one set for each disc on your ATV Never use sintered metal brake pads in bikes originally equipped with non-sintered brake pads Item may vary from image

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KTM 250 SX Parts

KTM 250 SX Parts

Motorcycle Superstore has the KTM 250 SX parts and accessories you need to get the most out of your bike. Personalize your KTM 250 SX by changing the seat cover, plastics and adding a hot graphics kit from top aftermarket manufacturers like Acerbis, Factory Effex, and One Industries. We’ve got everything you need to modify your exhaust, change your controls and brakes, add guards, do maintenance or tune your KTM 250 SX for optimal performance with great companies such as Carbon Fiber Works, Light Speed Performance, MSR Racing, FMF and Pro Circuit. At Motorcycle Superstore, ordering your KTM 250 SX parts is easy. Simply select the model year of your KTM 250 SX and prepare to be impressed with what we have in store for your bike.

About KTM 250 SX Motorcycles - First launched in 2000 as a motocross bike, the KTM 250 SX clearly defined how a two-stroke motorcycle should look, feel and perform. In the year 2004, the KTM 250 SX received a new chromium molybdenum frame and new WP suspensions that definitely launched the bike again. Now, the KTM 250 SX still has the 249cc engine and five gear transmission, but weighs only 208 lbs. and boasts a “brighter” decal set. The KTM 250 SX is a great bike for the track, and still performs well against the four strokes.

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