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    2005 Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe - FLSTNI Fuel Systems

    2005 Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe - FLSTNI
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    Power Commander V
    You save $44.96 (12%)
    Dynojet Power Commander VUsing valuable knowledge learned from the Power Commander III, Dynojet introduces the more capable Power Commander V, a premier EFI tuning system. Retaining the famed user-fri
    Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner
    You save $83.99 (14%)
    Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner The tuning ability of modern EFI systems is impressive; almost too impressive. Not only can you alter how your bike runs, but these changes can be easily just as bad as they
    Fi2000R Fuel Processor
    You save $37.49 (15%)
    Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Processor Nearly every fuel-injected motorcycle and ATV can benefit with the installation of the Fi2000R from Cobra USA This small, fool-proof device makes fuel-injected motorcycle
    42mm Easy Kit
    You save $38.91 (10%)
    Mikuni 42mm Easy Kit Mikuni Easy Kits accept the original H-D intake manifold, choke cable, air cleaner and throttle cables making carb upgrade a snap. Recommend the use of a high-flow a
    S&S Cycle Super "E" Carburetor The Super "E" is a butterfly type carb with fully adjustable idle mixture screws and changeable intermediate and main jets. The idle mixture screw is positioned and an
    Power Vision
    You save $120.95 (22%)
    Dynojet Power Vision The quickest and most powerful flash tuner on the market The sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, 3.5" full-color touch-screen display mounts to handlebars with integrated Amps 4-hole
    HSR42 Carburetor
    You save $36.91 (10%)
    Mikuni HSR42 Carburetor For the high-performance engine builder who needs a carb for specific custom applications Available in standard or highly-polished finishes **Note: Some models many need use a
    Motion Pro
    Quick-Disconnect Dual Shut-Off Coupling
    $30.50 - $32.50
    $27.45 - $29.25
    You save up to $3.25 (10%)
    Motion Pro Quick-Disconnect Dual Shut-Off Coupling Dual shut-off valves allow fuel to flow when connected; when disconnected, fuel will not flow from either line Ideal for fuel tanks equippe
    Arlen Ness Cheap-Shot Fuel Tuner An economical solution to add needed fuel after installing exhaust and air cleaner performance upgrades Simple splice-in design saves you big money by eliminating cos
    Recalibration Kit
    You save $18.96 (20%)
    Dynojet Recalibration Kit Recalibrate your stock Keihin CV carb to make full use of the performance potential Includes the jets, needles, instructions, etc. necessary to recalibrate stock en
    Moose Racing
    Fuel Line
    $6.95 - $7.95
    Moose Racing Fuel Line This quality made fuel line will not harden or crack Available in 1/4", 3/16", and 5/16" i.d. Fuel line available in 3-foot lengths Choice of clear or black
    Motion Pro
    Stepless Ear Clamps
    You save $0.80 (10%)
    Motion Pro Stepless Ear Clamps Fuel line fittings for your motorcycle fuel system.Small fits braided fuel line with 3/16" I.D. Large fits braided fuel line with 5/16" I.D.
    Drag Specialties Black Braided Hose Hose features a black nylon braided covering Suitable for either gas or oil applications Available in various sizes and lengths 1/2" hose is for o
    Carburetor Mounting Flange
    $23.95 - $24.95
    $18.75 - $22.99
    You save up to $1.96 (8%)
    Mikuni Carburetor Mounting Flange Genuine Mikuni Carburetor Mounting Flange that adapts your cruiser motorcycle, ATV, dirt bike, or street bikes spigot (sleeve) mount carb to flange mount manifolds.
    Fuel Line Crossover
    You save $2.85 (10%)
    Goodridge Fuel Line Crossover Goodridge Crossover Fuel Lines are clear-coated stainless braided hose and allows equal gas flow to both sides of fuel tank. Chrome-plated steel compression
    Motion Pro
    Fuel Line Fittings Kit
    You save $37.10 (10%)
    Motion Pro Fuel Line Fittings Kit Contains the parts needed to service any fuel line routing Includes 40 assorted O-clips, 40 assorted Y-connectors, 40 assorted T-connectors, hose clamps and a pair o
    Roland Sands Design
    Gas It Fuel Injection Kit
    You save $44.96 (10%)
    Roland Sands Designs Gas It Fuel Injection Kit Allows the use of wild custom fuel tanks on 01-05 fuel-injected Delphi models Relocates stock fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter and fuel
    HSR42 "Smoothbore" Carburetor Kit
    You save $65.01 (10%)
    Mikuni HSR42 "Smoothbore" Carburetor Kit Kits include the redesigned 42mm smoothbore carb in a natural finish Easier, faster installation using stock CV throttle cables Excellent thrott
    HSR45 "Smoothbore" Carburetor Kit
    You save $67.01 (10%)
    Mikuni HSR45 "Smoothbore" Carburetor Kit Kits include the redesigned 45mm smoothbore carb in a natural finish Easier, faster installation using stock CV throttle cables Excellent throttle response,

    Latest Reviews

    Dave (Sierra Vista, AZ)


    Not very good.

    After 6 different maps from Vance and Hines "technicians" I removed this piece of garbage and my bike runs way better without the fuelpak. What a joke. Run away!!

    gabriel (buenos aires, AA)


    perfect fit

    Perfect fit, excellent quality, and easy installation. Absolutely recommend for Harleys.

    Ray (Indian Trail, NC)


    Piece of crap

    Put on 2011 Street Glide, worked great until it was on 3 months right at warranty end. Almost left my wife and I stranded but was ably to limp bike home. Took it off and rode but under same conditions and no problems. Don't buy this product.

    Josh (NY, NY)

    Cost Benefit


    WARNING do not buy the Power Commander 5 unless you buy the auto tune with it or pay $600 to have your bike dyno tuned and then maybe you might get 10 horse out of it but very unlikely you're better off putting the $1000 you're going to spend on the unit and having it tuned into engine components. The maps they have already made you can download from them are basically useless waste of money in my eyes. I'm taking mine out had it in for a week.

    Cory (Deseronto , ON)



    Plugged it in and nothing so I sent it back and got another and the same thing. Not a light came on- the instructions say 4 seconds and it should turn on after it starts but it won't event start. Just garbage.

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