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Hardline Rollastand
$27.00 - $38.70
You save $4.29 (10%)
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Hardline Rollastand Designed for bikes without center-stands Easily clean front and back wheels Easy one person operation No danger of dropping bike Powder coated finish Sealed bea...

Latest Reviews

hugo (El Paso )

Cost Benefit

Good option if you can't afford a stand

The instructions say to place it in front of the tire then slowly ride it over the roller. it's not a good way to get it up there since the tire just rolls off before it gets to the center. It does make it easier to roll the tire and clean the chain and it's $60-$130 less expensive than a stand, but otherwise a stand is going to be your best option. If you don't have the money for a stand, then this is a very good alternative, otherwise just buy a stand. Does it do what it advertises it does? YES! Easy to use? Yeah, it's pretty good. Inexpensive? YES! Recommended? If you're limited on funds, YES.