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Alpinestars ATV Protection for Kids

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Alpinestars Youth Saturn Kidney Belt
Alpinestars Youth Saturn Kidney Belt Ergonomically designed for maximum stability across the torso and lower back Lightweight and flexible construction Reinforced TPR main panel Waist straps with ...

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Michael (Manchester )

Air flow
Cost Benefit

Alpinestars Youth Saturn Kidney Belt

This is like a back brace you can get at any pharmacy, but adds protection with some stiff rubber around the lower back and kidney areas. Even though that part is stiff, it still has some flexibility, and is comfortable. It fits great on my 9 year old, and will grow with him for several years (Velcro straps). Air flow? There isn't any. It is a wrap around neoprene. You will get sweaty where it covers. Despite that, it's a great product, and I am all for as much protection as you can get.