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2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Parts

2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000
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Yoshimura RS-3 Slip-On Exhaust
RS-3 Slip-On Exhaust
$251.97 - $791.99
You save $29.01 (10%)
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Stainless Steel
Yoshimura RS-3 Slip-On Exhaust Not only reasonably priced, the Yoshimura RS-3 Race Slip-On is also one of the most dependable in the Yoshimura line-up. Adding solid power increases across the board...
VooDoo Shorty Slip-On Exhaust
Shorty Slip-On Exhaust
$242.99 - $572.36
You save $27.00 (10%)
  • Black
  • Polished
VooDoo Shorty Slip-On Exhaust Designed and produced by VooDoo Industries for the demanding motorcycling enthusiast Mandrel bent stainless steel for a perfect fit VooDoo Exhaust works great with mo...
Accel High-Temperature Exhaust Wrap Kit
Accel High-Temperature Exhaust Wrap Kit Wraps will increase power and reduce radiated exhaust heat Kits include 25ft. 2-in. wide top quality high-temperature wrap and four stainless steel tie...
Two Brothers Racing Muffler Repack Kit
Two Brothers Racing
Muffler Repack Kit
You save $3.30 (15%)
Two Brothers Racing Muffler Repack KitKit is for all Two Brothers Racing mufflers Includes rivets (x16), #30 drill bit and mat of repacking material Sizing Information: 17.5" Wide 30" Long .5" Thick
Two Brothers Racing Powertip P-Series Insert
Two Brothers Racing
Powertip P-Series Insert
$25.48 - $33.98
You save $4.50 (15%)
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Natural
  • Red
Two Brothers Racing Powertip P-Series Insert Many municipalities and tracks have begun to implement new, tougher regulations that limit the sound output of street bikes, off-road cycles and ATVs. I...
VooDoo Speakeasy Exhaust Baffle
Speakeasy Exhaust Baffle
You save $2.80 (10%)
  • Silver
VooDoo Speakeasy Exhaust Baffle The new Speakeasy Variable Exhaust Insert now gives VooDoo exhaust owners the option of cutting sound by up to eight decibels. These CNC beauties are computer design...
Two Brothers Racing Torx Screw Kit
Two Brothers Racing
Torx Screw Kit
$16.96 - $16.98
You save $3.00 (15%)
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Red
Two Brothers Racing Torx Screw Kit Detail your performance exhaust with TBR's custom color bolt kits Fits any M-Series exhaust canisters can be customized with this anodized bolt upgrade ...

Latest Reviews

Dave (Bradford )


Just right in all respects

I looked for a lighter weight, deeper tone, better looking and less restrictive muffler. The RS-4 is all of these things. I wish the manufacturer's could find a way to make their original equipment mufflers like this one. As the other posts have said, the sound is very close to stock at lower throttle settings. At half throttle or more the sound is more than the stock muffler, but not loud, and certainly not obnoxious. I think it's just right and worth the price. Very easy to install on the Super Tenere, and I recommend it for all other Tenere owners.

Richard Kyffin (Brisbane )


Two Brothers slip on exhaust, rear sets

stainless steel pipe needs an exhaust gasket as the clamp tightens up but the pipe is still loose, the instructions do not tell you what to do with the standard exhaust butterfly cables and how they would have impacted the throttle bodies and performance of the engine. the rear sets are great took a while to work out the the bracket that were needed for the rear tail light switch, and then to become comfortable riding with them. now could never go back to standard pegs.

Jerry (Joliet )

Cost Benefit

Overall great

Overall a great system, instantly recognize the sound difference between stock and full system. Much deeper roar. Pair it with lean chip and you'll be golden. Before starting bike up for first time after system is installed, make sure you wipe the pipe clean of finger prints or it will alter the finish. Overall satisfied with my purchase.

Weesy Babe (Sherwood )

Cost Benefit

Clap on!

This bad boy went on in a second, haven't put the baffle tip on (why the hell would you?). Sounds great, good boost on the HP. This was my wife's birthday present for her Kawasaki ZZR. EAR2EAR!