Yamaha V-Max Parts


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About Yamaha V-Max Motorcycles - The Yamaha V-Max power cruiser was brought into production in 1985. As a testimony to its popularity, the Yamaha V-Max remained relatively unchanged until 2009 when virtually everything changed except the look. Originally housing an impressive 133 hp 1198cc engine, it now contains a 197.4 hp, 1679cc beast which qualifies it as “the most powerful series-production motorcycle ever.” Its 5-speed transmission is fitted with a racetrack proven slipper clutch system which reduces rear wheel skidding when down shifting. One of the longest lived motorcycles ever built, the Yamaha V-Max Cruiser is one of the best selling Japanese motorcycles of all time. If you like sheer power and a comfortable ride, the Yamaha V-Max power cruiser won’t disappoint.