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2006 Victory Kingpin Brakes

2006 Victory Kingpin
Tire Size:
Front: 130/70-18, Rear: 180/55-18
Spark Plug:
Stock Chain/Belt:
Stock Gearing:
Front: NA, Rear: NA
Oil Filter:
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Double-H Sintered Brake Pads
$21.72 - $62.74
You save up to $10.21 (13%)
EBC Double-H Sintered Brake PadsConsistently rated as one of the best, the EBC Double-H Sintered Pads are some of the grippiest street legal motorcycle brake pads you can buy. Named after the highe...
Extreme Pro Front Brake Pad
$64.50 - $81.70
You save up to $13.30 (14%)
EBC Extreme Pro Front Brake PadRace inspired pads with a very exotic blend of sintered bronze including Tungsten and Moly metal to bring you the grippiest, most fade resistant pad ever tested. Sold...
Organic Front Brake Pads
$25.80 - $31.82
You save up to $5.18 (14%)
EBC Organic Front Brake PadsMade in EBC's own factory in Bristol, England, the EBC Kevlar® series has now been renamed NAO series or Non-Asbestos Organic, although they still use the famous Dupont ...
Semi-Sintered "V" Brake Pads
$28.99 - $48.98
You save up to $7.97 (13%)
  • Orange
EBC Semi-Sintered "V" Brake PadsAll-new semi-sintered construction containing 30% copper by weight within an organic matrix This design combines the long life of a sintered pad with the great feel ...
Sintered Metal Brake Pad An excellent, economical choice for replacing OEM sintered metal brake pads Pads are a combination of copper, tin, graphite and other metals, carefully mixed into organic p...
Braking CM55 Sport Front Brake PadsFeatures: All Braking brake pads are asbestos and nickel free Braking uses an organic base material for outstanding friction along with a soft, non-aggressive me...
SBS Streetexcel Sintered Metal Pads The best in sintered replacement pads for high-performance front and rear street applications Use advanced sintering process technology; perfect for sport riding...

Latest Reviews

Dr K (Santa Maria )

Long Life
Stopping Power
Low Dust

Semi sintered brake pads

So far, so good. I am trying the semi-sintered after having used double H sintered pads previously. Braking is fine, stopping power is good, smooth and quiet. I don't know the longevity of the pads at this point.


Long Life
Stopping Power
Low Dust

Disk brake pads work great.

My Sportster requires two sets of brake pads, took about 20 minutes per side to install. Much improved braking with no noise. Very good product.

Bob A. (Douglas )

Long Life
Stopping Power
Low Dust

EBC Double H

Very good to excellent. Pads seated very quickly, no squeaking noises during braking, excellent lever feel and braking ability over stock pads. Highly recommend these for anyone replacing pads. Jury still out on longevity and dust issues but probably will not be a factor.

Glen (Evansville )

Long Life
Stopping Power
Low Dust

Too soon to tell

Only about 2,000 miles using these on my GL1800. Have over 130,000 miles on bike and have used OE or EBC. SO FAR HAPPY WITH THESE. Will advise later on comparative life of pads.

Robert (Fayetteville )

Cost Benefit

EBC rear shoes for Honda magna

Perfect fit, finish was first class. Only went around block, but they worked well.

Chris (toronto )


Rotor arrived but was warped

I got my order of front and rear brake pads included with this rotor. I found out the rotor was really warped after installing it. After spending a few days talking about the rotor I got warranty. The sad part is I had to wait 5 weeks for everything. It took almost 1.5 months to have my bike back on the road. In the end it cost me more in additional parts from getting the red loc-tight bolts out of the rotor to purchasing a total of 6 bolts instead of the 3 I needed.

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