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Silkolene Pro Chain
Pro Chain
$8.54 - $13.04
You save $0.95 (10%)
Silkolene Pro Chain First fully synthetic racing chain lubricant for motorcycles Incorporates a micronized laminar solid lubricant, combined with advanced synthetics for resistance to sho...
Silkolene Chain Lube
Chain Lube
You save $1.05 (10%)
Silkolene Chain Lube An advanced semi-synthetic chain lubricant for motorcycles Extreme pressure formula resists shock loading and fling off Excellent film forming properties and corros...
Silkolene Racing Fork Fluids
Racing Fork Fluids
You save $2.85 (10%)
Silkolene Racing Fork Fluids Integrated with race-developed foam and water resistant chemistry, these fluids provide exceptional performance in the latest front forks and suspension systems...

Latest Reviews

Will (San Antonio )


The Quality Lube you will stick with forever.

Silkolene Pro Chain is hands down the best lube I have ever used. Other lubes such as maxima and motul who I've been recommended to as a beginner spray on white to make sure you don't leave gaps, if it's your first time ever lubing your chain that helps, but after that the white foamy blobs are a mess, poor quality and not necessary. With Silkolene the Lube went on a premium clear oil finish, attacked every nook and cranny on the chain and held like no other. This lube is like a magnet to your chain even if you over lube and doesn't collect debris like other lives. The feeling of confidently lubing your chain professionally and completely is unparalleled when using Silkolene. Definitely will buy again and make this my staple go to.

Jeff (Edmonds )


Great Stuff

Pour it in a bowl and do 4 or 5 at one time. Squeeze the heck out them. Goes on thin and dries thick. Dry for a day and then put in plastic bags. Expensive but worth it. Bought 3 cans. Hard to find elsewhere.

Bundaschlagen (Pennsville )


Motorcycle Mechanic

I've used them for Many Years now!!! There the Best around!!! (In my Opinion!!!)