Answer Racing Youth SNX 2 Helmet


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Answer Racing Youth SNX 2 Helmet

The best way to put on a helmet is to hold the chin straps to each side before pulling it over your head. Pass the end of the strap through the D-rings and pull it snug. Keeping your head straight, rotate the helmet from
side to side with your hands. If the helmet is adjusted properly, you should feel the movement of your scalp closely match the helmet’s movement. With your hands on the sides of the helmet, move the helmet in a slight
up and down motion. Once again, the movement of your skin should follow the helmet movement. To remove the helmet, pull the D-ring tab outward to release strap tension, then un-thread the chin strap. Pull the chin straps outward, rotate the helmet forward and lift it off.

  •  No helmet can protect the user against all foreseeable impacts.
  •  For maximum protection, the helmet must provide adequate peripheral vision.
  •  All retention straps (chin straps) must be securely fastened.
  •  The helmet can be seriously damaged by some common substances with damage being invisible to the user.
  •  Apply only mild soap and water for cleaning.
  •  Make no modifications to the helmet. If the helmet experiences a severe blow, please replace it.

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