Gear Brake Vector Redline Laser Brake Light


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Gear Brake Vector Redline Laser Brake Light


Detects When You're Slowing

GearBrake knows when you slow down...for any reason. GearBrake signals the drivers behind you, even when you don't use the brakes. Rolling off the throttle, engine braking, downshifting; your stock brake light DOES NOT COME ON!  GearBrake automatically flashes the tail light on your motorcycle or scooter, giving the drivers behind you more time to react.


Provides a Rear Flashing Alert

GearBrake reacts automatically with a 2 second pulsing alert, then solidly illuminates the brake light until you release the brake, grabbing the attention of following vehicles to let them know you are slowing.


Easy To Install

All you need is a wire stripper and 15 minutes of time.  


Made In the USA

GearBrake is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.



  • This rear mounted laser can be used as a brake light or running light
  • Easily mounted at the license plate or under the fender, it can be provide an extra brake light indication while keeping the rear of your bike free of clutter
  • The Vector Laser™ projects a red line on the ground behind your vehicle catching the attention of following drivers
  • All you need is a wire stripper and 15 minutes of time. 




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