Q) Who are Motorcycle Superstore's Preferred Installers?
A) Preferred Installers are independent motorcycle dealerships or service shops that have chosen to participate in Motorcycle Superstore and provide you with a no-hassle installation experience. Individual installers are not agents of Motorcycle Superstore and we cannot guarantee their work.

Q) Can I ship any order to a Preferred Installer?
A) No, your order must contain a tire, exhaust system or fuel management system
(such as Power Commander) to qualify for shipping to a Preferred Installer.

Q) What if I want to send tires or parts to a
Preferred Installer but I want to send other items such as helmets, apparel or accessories
to my home address?

A) Just place two orders; one with the tires and parts shipping to the Preferred Installer and the other with the items that you want shipped to your home.

Q) Will the Preferred Installer charge me for mounting and balancing tires or installing parts when I choose to ship directly to them?
A) Yes. Preferred Installers are independent businesses that charge customers for their installation services. Most Preferred Installers will indicate prices for their services on their profile on Motorcycle Superstore.

Q) How do I know a Preferred Installer can handle the installation of the tires or parts I order?
A) Most Preferred Installers will indicate the services they can provide on their profile on Motorcycle Superstore. However, if you require specialty service or something beyond normal tire mounting and balancing, we recommend contacting the Preferred Installer directly to verify they can handle the installation before you ship the items to their shop.

Q) How will I be notified when my tires or parts arrive at the Preferred Installer’s location?
A) You will receive an email when the order leaves Motorcycle Superstore’s warehouse with a tracking number that will indicate a delivery date and contact information for the Preferred Installer. We recommend that you contact the Preferred Installer directly and schedule a service appointment after the delivery date.

Q) What’s the best way to make a service appointment with a Preferred Installer so I can ride in for installation?
A) We recommend e-mailing and/or calling your Preferred Installer after receiving your shipment -email. That way you’ll have an estimated delivery date and it will give the service department time to get you scheduled in.

Q) What happens if I get to the Preferred Installer’s shop and the order is not there?
A) Contact Motorcycle Superstore and we will track down the shipment. If we are unable to locate your products we will ship you replacement products free of charge to the Preferred Installer again or to an alternate address.

Q) I can’t find a Preferred Installer in my area. What can I do?
A) We are constantly looking for reputable motorcycle shops to add as Preferred Installers. Have a favorite dealership or service shop? Suggest a Preferred Installer.

Q) How do I rate and review a Preferred Installer?
A) After you place an order and ship directly to a Preferred Installer you can log in to your order status and submit a customer rating and review.

Q) Why did it cost more for installation service at a Preferred Installer than what was posted on Motorcycle-Superstore.com?
A) If your tire mounting or parts installation requires additional service outside standard requirements then there may be additional charges. Preferred Installer
prices can change before we are able to update the information on the website. Please let us know if you encounter a price difference and we will contact the Preferred Installer.

Q) What if I have a complaint about a Preferred Installer?
A) Before you give the Installer a negative review, contact Motorcycle Superstore’s Preferred Installer department and we will try to work out a resolution. However,please keep in mind that Preferred Installers are not our agents and we cannot guarantee their work. Email us at installer@motorcycle-superstore.com or call us at (877) 668-6872.