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Dirt Bike Triangle Stands

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Fly Racing Tri-Stand
Fly Racing
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  • Black
  • Silver
Fly Racing Tri-Stand7/8" Oversized 6061 aluminum construction Comes with 2 pins to fit all new dirt bikes Engraved Fly logo
MSR Steel Tri-Stand
Steel Tri-Stand
You save $1.96 (10%)
MSR Racing Steel Tri-Stand 3 different axle pin sizes to fit most dirt bikes Axle pins are 3" long, stays in axle better than O.E.M. Tri-Stands Allen wrench included for axle pin bolt ...
MSR Tri-Moto Stand
Tri-Moto Stand
You save $1.96 (8%)
MSR Racing Tri-Moto Stand Light Weight replacement for OEM Triangle Stands Tapered Axle Pins keeps Stand from Falling Out of Axle (3) Tapered Axle Pins accommodate most Axle Sizes ...

Latest Reviews

Thomas (Eugene )


Why did I wait!

The perfect tool for the perfect job! This stand makes it so easy to swop wheels. To be able to lift the bike up, makes it so much easier to do maintenance. Stand come with a locking rod, to slide into place. To prevent stand to lower from set height, while working. Stand is very stable at all heights, plus with tension locks. You don't have to worry about the bike coming off the stand, because the tension locks work so well. So save up and get one, you won't be sorry!

Cole (LA )


The Best Stand

This is the stand all the pro team use. I have 3 and they are great. Cool graphics wide base very study and really strong.

CD (Concord )


Great concept, sloppy operation

Lift does as advertised but lift is unable to hold bike level. Bike when raised tilts to the side. I lift bike from right side to cause it to tilt to the left side where I keep kickstand lowered in the event of tip over. Lift is strong enough to just has extra backlash/play in hydraulic cylinder after locked in the raised position. Fix this backlash and it is a solid product through and through.

Pastor (27 Bonaparte Lake Rd )


Perfect stand

Perfect stand. Sturdy, nice finish. Sit's my CFR250x off the ground three inches. Nice for storing my bike, tightening spokes, oiling the chain, etc. Malcom Smith you guy's have done a nice job here, Thank you. Motorcycle Superstore well done on getting it here on time. I say two thumbs up!

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