Polaris Carbon Clean


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Polaris Carbon Clean



Polaris Carbon Clean is a complete fuel treatment and fuel system cleaner combination. It treats fuel for storage or for vehicles that see intermittent use. It is designed to address today’s modern Ethanol-blended fuels that tend to absorb moisture easier than non-blended fuels.  Polaris Carbon Clean also cleans valves, sticky rings and carbon deposits. It contains dispersants that break down carbon molecules that build up on internal engine parts and allow them to be burned in the engine and expelled through the exhaust.

Formulated for both Polaris 2 and 4 cycle engines.

  • E10 Compatible
  • Cleans valves, piston-rings and combustion chamber
  • Softens and dissolves existing carbon deposits
  • Patented, state-of-the-art additive
  • Addresses issues with ethanol-blended fuels
  • 1 oz. treats one gallon of fuel
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