Hard Krome - 3" Big Straights Exhaust System

Hard Krome 3 Big Straights Exhaust System

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Hard Krome 3" Big Straights Exhaust System
  • All Hard-Krome systems feature patented True Double wall™ construction preventing discoloration
  • Let the world know you mean business with these large diameter Big Straights drag pipes exhaust
  • Outer pipe measures 3 in. diameter; inside pipe measures 1 3/4 in. diameter
  • CNC-machined straight-cut Hard-Tips billet end caps included
  • Customize with optional CNC-machined Hard-Tip end caps
  • Optional Straight-thru baffles
  • Replacement standard Spiral type baffles
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Includes Boost Port technology - Boost Port is a system that connects two exhaust pipes together
  • Actual product may vary from web image

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  • VTX1300C: 2004 - 2007
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  • VTX1300S: 2004 - 2007
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  • C90: 2005 - 2007
  • Intruder 1500: 1998 - 2004
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  • Marauder 1600: 2004

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  • Road Star 1700 Warrior: 2002 - 2007
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Hard Krome 3 Big Straights Exhaust System

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3" Big Straights Exhaust System

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Cost Benefit

Big 3" straights

I bought the pipes so that people would hear me, more for safety reasons, I haven't been cut off since I put them on, and they are way loud!! The best part is at cruising speeds, they are not that loud, only when you put load on engine. The bad part is when I beat on it; I can hear valve noise in between shifts, only at upper RPM, and maybe not enough back pressure? I’m going to try the HK spiral baffles and see what's up, oh yea the chrome never turned blue, but it’s started to flake off after 5 years.

ULEEZ - July 11, 2012

(Buffalo, NY)
Cost Benefit


These pipes are really loud people can hear me over a mile away in their house. My buddy knows when I leave to go to work from the sound and he’s a mile and a half away from me in the city. These and other aftermarket pipes do not have the extra layer of chrome shielding to protect your legs from being burned if placed straight down. Also the stock exhaust butterfly is missing on aftermarket pipes and I noticed that without it starting takes about five more engine turn overs to start and the engine backfires now. Even with the Power Commander. If I had to do it all over again I think I would stick with my factory exhaust for the Suzuki Blvd C109RT. I’m buying a baffle and seeing how I like that before putting my stock pipes back on. This is an expensive lesson. I’m not saying yes or no on buying them just letting you know the results.

Robert - April 29, 2011

(Baltimore, MD)
Cost Benefit

Big 3 on Vstar 950

Pipes are too loud! Even after adding spiral baffles they are too loud! The inner pipe weld broke (that attached to external pipe) and has been repaired from a crack that caused it to rattle. Tried contacting Hard Krome and not a single response. No quiet baffles available...but their competition have them available for their products. The pipes should have a cross over pipe in their design as there is only one port for the O2 sensor. Black finish is easily scratched when washing the bike of road debris. Very expensive for this product...Cobra would be the better choice! Expensive lesson! I'd avoid this manufacture completely...stay with a better brand name that has more options and customer service! THUMBS DOWN!!!

Jay - May 06, 2011

(Ontatio, ON)
Cost Benefit

Two sets in 4 years..both metal fatigue issues

Had two sets of these. Each set lasted about 2 years until they cracked in half or just cracked. DG customer service is the WORST!!!! They didnt give a crap. Never returned a phone call or email. After I did get a hold of somebody they where more concerned about how I got his number than what was wrong with their product. I will never ever buy anything from these people again.

MArk - January 09, 2012

(Waterloo, SC)
Cost Benefit

Bad chrome

Great sounding pipes yes!!! Good chrome not!!! Not worth the 500 to 600 they want!! Look elsewhere for better chrome!!

Leo - November 07, 2013

(Shavertown, PA)
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