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Factory Effex Dirt Bike Drive

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Factory Effex Axle Blocks
Factory Effex
Axle Blocks
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  • Magnesium
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Factory Effex Axle Blocks Made from 6061 Aluminum. Designed to give your bike the factory look. These axle blocks are machined for precision axle alignment. Blended 6061 Aluminum Precision CNC mac...

Latest Reviews

Barney (Fairview )


May work for some

I replaced my OEM blocks with these along with new sprockets and chain. Because the blocks flare out so much I had to turn them around backwards, even with the adjustment bolt all the way in. That puts the axle bolt about mid-way in the slot right off of the bat. They should have made the thickness of both sides the same. I guess I will wait until I stretch the chain a little to turn them around the way they're supposed to go.