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Moto Brackets Street Bike Windscreens/Windshields

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Moto Brackets Acrylic Windscreen
Moto Brackets
Acrylic Windscreen
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Closeout 30% off
Moto Brackets Acrylic Windscreen Top quality windscreens with economical pricing Industry standard cockpit curve gives the rider a proper air pocket Pre drilled to fit OEM mounting points ...

Latest Reviews

Chris (Huntley )


NO bueno

Yeah, it's thicker than OE. So I'd give its quality a 2, but the plastic had some distortion effects into the black finish I noticed. The "edge lip" at the top wasn't smooth and you could see swirl cut marks from whatever finished the edge. Awfully big gap at the bottom of the windscreen. BUT, you get what you pay for. MC superstore took it back no problems.