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AGV Sport Adventure Touring Pants for Men

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AGV Sport Telluride H2O Vented Pants
AGV Sport Telluride H2O Vented PantsCrafted with care, the AGV Sport Telluride H2O Vented pant is a true, all weather, performance textile riding pant. With its sleek fit, integrated protection and...
AGV Sport Solare Vented Textile Pants
AGV Sport Solare Vented Textile Pants The all black color may not show it but the Solare Vented Textile Pant is especially suited for rides in hot weather. Large mesh panels are featured on both th...

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DP (warren )

Cost Benefit

Telluride pants fit

Not a freq product reviewer, but since most of us will not be able to try these before buying... Male rider, 5'7", 145#, waist 29", inseam 30". Will ride in the NE down to low 40s. Ordered small/regular and med/short in this style, and kept the small/reg. Length was similar in both and adequate to meet my boots. With both quilted liner and windpant removed, both fit over a pair of running tights and med wt hiking pants, with the small being tighter to my leg (good, expect less wind whip) but snug in the groin, med/short comfortable in groin but will ride down in back (would be OK if belt loops available). With both liners in and over just briefs or running tights, med/short too loose in hips and groin, small/reg comfortable all around. Since I'd likely be riding mostly in summer with no liners or just windpant liner and over light pants, elected to go with the small/reg. No info on durability yet. Pockets adequate and convenient. Knee armor in both sits where it should on my frame, and stretch panels work well. HTH. DP