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REV'IT! Street Bike Head/Neck for Women

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REV'IT! Fluid Cooling Neck Collar
Rev'It! Fluid Cooling Neck Collar Any motorcycle rider can benefit from staying cooler; whether a track day specialist or a casual weekend rider, the value is the same. Made with a simple and ingen...
REV'IT! Amazon GTX Balaclava
REV'IT! Amazon GTX Balaclava The collar of the Amazon GTX balaclava is designed to be worn over the collar of your jacket, to prevent water from entering via the neck. It incorporates a GORE-TEX...

Latest Reviews

Doug (Mountain View )

Cost Benefit

Great product but with low durability

Excellent wind protection, doesn't get hot, reduces helmet noise, waterproof keeping you dry in the rain. Cons: the GTX fabric used has very low durability and stretches gradually & irreversibly when you put the helmet on. Adhesive used to merge the different pieces of fabric is not resistant to moisture - because of the breath humidity the different fabrics at the front of the balaclava become loose. This is a great product if you don't expect to use it for more than 2 months.