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Schampa Adventure Touring Head/Neck for Women

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Schampa Tall Neck Dickie
Schampa Tall Neck Dickie Schampa’s Tall Neck dickie has been a life saver on thousands of cold weather trips. Completed with a double layer extended neck tube the Tall Neck Dickie can protect ...
Schampa Helmet Skirt
Schampa Helmet Skirt Made with Schampa’s wind & waterproof Shielded fabric and lined with 200wt. Helmet Skirts are a great piece of gear for cold weather brave hearts, snowmobile riders,...
Schampa Double Layer Neckgaiter
Schampa Double Layer Neckgaiter Double Layer Neckgaiters are an essential piece of gear found in packs of seasoned cold weather bravehearts. Two layers of 200wt. fleece prevent extreme wind pe...
Schampa FaceFit Facemask
Schampa FaceFit Facemask The Schampa Face fit system is a revolutionary concept that helps hold masks in place and reduces fogging of eyewear.  Simply put the mask on and push down on the FaceFit S...
Schampa Silkweight Tube
Silkweight Tube
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  • Black
Schampa Silkweight Tube Multi use tube, wear multiple ways Makes a great neck gaiter Ultra comfort Schampa silk weight fabric, 93% micro modal 7% expandex Super soft, super thin Wicks and breathes...
Schampa Mini Neckgaiter
Schampa Mini Neckgaiter Schampa’s “Mini-Gaiter” was developed upon the request of our users. Individuals were requesting something less constrictive less bulky and better fitting with a full f...
Schampa Single Layer Neckgaiter
Schampa Single Layer Neckgaiter Single Layer Neck gaiters are a must for those of us that want weather protection without the bulk. These gaiters are great for cool days in the late fall and e...
Schampa Warmskin Balaclava X
Schampa Warmskin Balaclava X Patent pending New and improved Mesh breather with Schampa Easy Breathe nose piece Wear alone or with any helmet 1 size fits most
Schampa Skull Cap
Schampa Skull Cap Form fitted single layer fleece skullcap. Excellent under all types of helmets. Features: Made of 200wt. Fleece Flat seamed One Size Fits Most Color: Black
Schampa Stormgear Earband
Schampa Stormgear Earband We wear earbands to keep our head and ears warm especially on windy days, so it only makes sense to use one that is made of wind and waterproof fabric. Features: StormG...

Latest Reviews

Shannon (Locust Grove )

Cost Benefit


I wish I would've found this sooner. It's perfect for those chilly/cold nights and keeps all the wind out.

Mike (Fairborn )

Cost Benefit

The Greater Gaiter

In short, of two bought at the same time, this one is the better of the two. I purchased this Schampa and a competitor's double layer at the same time. The Schampa single-layer gaiter is a better fit, and was effective in 36 degree weather yesterday at speeds up to 55 and with gusting wind at up to 18 MPH [ca 88 kmH]. As a bonus, on both my 3/4 length jackets (FG Rainier and Jaunt T2) I can fasten the topmost closure snap, which cannot be done with the double-layer. Kudos, Schampa!