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Lucas Oil Semi Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil
Lucas Oil
Semi Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil
$4.99 - $35.95
You save up to $1.51 (23%)
Lucas Oil Semi Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil This clean burning formulation is what the world has needed for years Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is smokeless because the "would be" emissions are burned, t...
Lucas Oil Octane Booster
Lucas Oil
Octane Booster
$3.99 - $9.29
You save up to $0.70 (7%)
Lucas Oil Octane Booster GENUINE Performance Enhancer! Tested and proven to deliver three times more Boost than most other brands It's safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters ...

Latest Reviews

Roger (Douglassville )


Lucas Semi Synrthetic 2 cycle oil

I am using this product for the first time. It was recommended by 2 stroke snowmobile drag racers. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me.

Donnie (Lancaster )


Smooth throttle response

I purchased the larger bottle; used it on 2 fill ups back to back. Less engine noise and much better throttle response. The smoothness makes it all worth it. Recommend it for occasional use. Says it eliminates the need for high-octane fuel in my K1 gsxr 750. I still filled it with 92 and used it, not trying to chance anything.