Antigravity Batteries XP1 Microstart Power Supply

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Antigravity Batteries XP1 Microstart Power Supply

The new Microstart from Antigravity Batteries is the world's smallest Jump Starter/Personal Power Supply (PPS). So small it fits in your pocket, so powerful it will start your truck, motorcycle, ATV or UTV easily. But amazingly it will also charge and power your cell phones, laptops, tablets, GoPro cameras and more no matter where you are. Just charge it once and have your own PPS wherever you’re riding or driving. No need for jumper cables or a power outlet. The Micro-Start is a self-contained jump starter and power supply that you can take anywhere and get out of those dead battery emergencies. It even has an LED flashlight. In today's world of vehicles and electronics, which all rely on battery power, the Micro-Start is probably the best tool you can carry with you for safety and peace of mind, wherever you are.

The XP1 has a smaller sibling, the XP3, that retains some of the same features without the extra bulk (Click Here for the XP3).
  • Capable of starting V8 powered vehicles
  • Jump start port (200 amps - 400amps peak current)
  • 19-volt port (for powering laptops)
  • 12-volt - 8 amp port (for powering 12v devices)
  • 5-volt 2.2 amp USB port (for powering any USB device)
  • Built-in high power LED flashlight with strobe and SOS blink patterns
  • Lighted capacity indicators so you can quickly see how much juice is left
  • 12,000 milliamps capacity @ 3.3V
  • Dimensions: 6" x 2.8" x 1" (150mm x 72mm x 25mm)
  • Weighs just 14 oz.
What's Included:
  • XP-1 Micro-Start Portable Power Supply
  • Leatherette carry case
  • 1 set of mini jumper clamps
  • 16 assorted tips (8-fits most laptops, 2-fits most 12v devices, and 6-fits most USB devices)
  • 12v power cable
  • Mobile charger (cigarette lighter type)
  • Wall charger (120/240 wall charger)
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Overall Rating: 3.25 of 5

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Bad Product

I charged it just once and kept it in the case. Few months later, I took it out to use it and found the battery had swollen somehow. It had pushed itself out of the casing. The casing will not close because the battery has gotten too thick for it. I can't return it because it's past the return date and I had not registered it when I first got it. Do yourself a favor and read some of the reviews on the internet.

Pat - September 1, 2016

(Dallas, TX)





Power supply

Simple and easy to use. A must have for any over nighter.

Walter - November 9, 2014

(Hoboken, NJ)