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IMS Folding Shift Lever
Folding Shift Lever
You save $0.96 (3%)
  • Silver
IMS Folding Shift Lever Value priced folding shift lever from IMS More durable than stock shift levers Eliminate that sloppy feeling of stock levers More positive shifting response Made in the U.S...
Closeout 60% off
Torc 1 Racing Voltage Footpegs
Torc 1 Racing
Voltage Footpegs
You save $60.00 (60%)
  • Black
Closeout 60% off
Torc 1 Racing Voltage Footpegs Made from super strong heat treated steel, these footpegs offer better feel and control thanks to a wide 58mm platform and aggressive teeth.  The outer teeth are 2mm ...
Moose Racing Steel Folding Shift Lever
Moose Racing Steel Folding Shift Lever Replace those soft stock levers with sturdy steel Folding tips prevent snagging; hardened splines won't slip or rotate Will withstand repeated bends without...
Mod Quad Billet Shifter
Mod Quad
Billet Shifter
$58.99 - $65.86
You save up to $3.10 (5%)
  • Billet
  • Black Anodized
  • Blue Anodized
Mod Quad Billet Shifter Made from 6061 Aluminum for extra support and strength while shifting Custom Look
Mod Quad Billet Alumnum Rear Brake Pedal
Mod Quad
Billet Alumnum Rear Brake Pedal
You save $6.24 (5%)
  • Black Anodized
  • Polish
Mod Quad Billet Aluminum Rear Brake Pedal Made from solid billet Aluminum and designed for durability They come complete with a stainless steel pivot bushing and will adapt to all brake lights

Latest Reviews

Tracy (Haskins )


Great foot pegs!

I bought these foot pegs for a 2016 KTM 150sx for half price. I put them on the day they arrived.Install time was about 20 mins. They felt great.I have a couple rides on them now. Seem to have sure footing with them. They dont seem to be eating up my boots at all. The only negative thing is that they are not light weight. I would recommend them to anyone.

Edwin (Cohocton )


Good lever but...

This is a good lever. It's well made, of good materials, and is well finished. It fit on very easily in place of the stock lever. I had a problem with it on my 2006 KLR650. If I put it in the same place on the splines of the shaft as the original, it hit the frame when I tried to go into first. If I move it up to the next spline, it's a bit too high for my boot. Later, I plan to grind a little bit of it away so it fits at the lower position. Overall, I'd recommend this lever.

Merrill (Enumclaw WA )


Hand shifter for my ATV

I like wearing my shoes out from the bottom and not the top. I bought the short shifter first but when i realized it was too short i ordered the longer one and it works terrific. I love it and i no longer need to use my foot to shift..