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    Icon Alliance Dark Helmet From the face shield to the interior to the matte finish shell, the Icon Alliance Dark is a helmet fully committed to black. Invisible at night and a worthy foe of light duri
    GM54S Modular Street Helmet
    $179.95 - $189.95
    $161.99 - $170.99
    You save up to $18.96 (10%)
    GMAX GM54S Modular Street HelmetQuite possibly GMax's best kept secret, the GM45S Modular helmet hides an impressive amount of features under its very low price tag. Literally standing out from its co
    C3 Helmet
    $629.00 - $659.00
    You save $159.00 (24%)
    Schuberth C3 Modular HelmetSerious, discerning sport touring riders have met their helmet, the Schuberth C3 Modular. Designed to be smaller, lighter and more compact than any other flip-up helmet on t
    Closeout 45% off
    EXO-1100 Sixty-Six Helmet
    You save $140.00 (45%)
    Scorpion EXO-1100 Sixty-Six HelmetExemplifying quality and refinement, the Scorpion EXO-1100 Sixty-Six is a natural progression of helmet design with features and fit to give the serious street rider
    Neotec Modular Helmet
    $648.99 - $662.99
    $584.09 - $596.69
    You save up to $66.30 (10%)
    Shoei Neotec Modular HelmetWell-rounded with the predisposition to seek out riding fun, the Shoei Neotec is a premium modular helmet for today's renaissance motorcycle rider. Skilled in high speed rid
    FF386 Helmet
    You save $20.00 (11%)
    LS2 FF386 HelmetAimed squarely at the touring and commuting rider, the FF386 modular helmet has been built by LS2 to contain many of the must-have design features essential for the long ride. And cent
    IS-33 Helmet
    $139.99 - $149.99
    $125.99 - $134.99
    You save up to $15.00 (10%)
    HJC IS-33 HelmetAdvanced Polycarbonate Composite ShellLightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technologyAerodynamic shell with large eyeport for greater visibilityImpact absorbing, mu
    C3 Pro Helmet
    $769.00 - $799.00
    Schuberth C3 Pro HelmetSchuberth engineers everything to the maximum; it's just in their DNA. This is especially evident with the modular C3 Pro helmet. Refinement and quality exude from every corner
    RF-1200 Helmet
    $485.99 - $498.99
    $437.39 - $449.09
    You save up to $49.90 (10%)
    Shoei RF-1200 HelmetA helmet line that goes back to the early eighties, the RF is the helmet that helped build Shoei's reputation. The RF-1100 was one of the best all-around street bike helmets and no
    IS-MAX 2 Modular Helmet
    $209.99 - $224.99
    $188.99 - $202.99
    You save up to $22.00 (10%)
    HJC IS-MAX 2 Modular HelmetIf there is one thing you can fault HJC for it is not the lack of providing the customer with enough options. Sliding in between the CL-MAX II and the SY-MAX 3, the $200ish
    GT-AIR Helmet
    $549.99 - $579.99
    $494.99 - $521.99
    You save up to $58.00 (10%)
    Shoei GT-AIR HelmetThe first full face Shoei helmet to feature an internal sun shield, the GT-AIR is a potent offering breaking new ground on the future of motorcycle helmet safety. Not content with j
    Icon Airmada Bioskull Helmet Almost like a mash-up of all your favorite sci-fi/horror films, the Icon Airmada Bioskull comes right out and pulls you in with gleaming chrome metal, bone and flesh. And
    Bell Qualifier HelmetReady to reassert Bell in the entry level streetbike helmet segment, the Qualifier shows off a whole new standard of fit and quality in this very competitive price point. Its shel
    Icon Airmada Thriller HelmetTwo Thrillers, two different styles. If the Variant Thriller isn't your thing then you're in luck, Icon has made the Airmada Thriller helmet. The teeth are still razor shar
    O'Neal Racing
    Commander Bluetooth Helmet
    You save $30.00 (10%)
    O'Neal Racing Commander Bluetooth Helmet Very affordable and yet loaded with impressive features, the O'Neal Commander Bluetooth helmet is what price conscious riders have been looking for a long time
    Bell MAG-9 Sena Helmet Sena SMH10 Bluetooth ready, the Bell Mag-9 Sena makes talking while riding as easy as snapping in the unit and turning it on. The rest of the helmet isn't half bad either with a
    GM2X Open Face Helmet
    You save $3.96 (9%)
    GMax GM2X Open Face Helmet A price extremely hard to beat, the GM2X helmet lets you have a plush dual liner, an adjustable forehead vent and a 3-snap bubble visor for under fifty bucks. In addition, G
    Icon Airmada Chantilly HelmetSkulls are an Icon specialty and the Chantilly refines the art with a design that makes you pause and a name that will leave you scratching your head. And that's just the
    GM67 Open Face Helmet
    You save $8.96 (10%)
    GMax GM67 Open Face Helmet A helmet that might not have the storied name as others out there, the GMax GM67 is nevertheless a legit option with its well thought out design and hard to match price. Com
    RJ Platinum R Open-Face Helmet
    $273.99 - $324.99
    $246.59 - $292.49
    You save up to $32.50 (10%)
    Shoei RJ Platinum R Open-Face HelmetOpen face helmets are prized by motorcycle riders for their convenience and field of vision, but rarely are they ever associated with such traits as aerodynamically
    M1 Helmet
    $550.00 - $580.00
    Schuberth M1 HelmetThe first true open face helmet from Schuberth, the M1 is a clean slate design for the German company and sees them combine urban focused comfort with their typical panache for cutt
    RF-1200 Terminus Helmet
    You save $59.00 (10%)
    Shoei RF-1200 Terminus HelmetA helmet line that goes back to the early eighties, the RF is the helmet that helped build Shoei's reputation. The RF-1100 was one of the best all-around street bike helme
    Signet-Q Tactical Pro-Tour Helmet
    You save $78.96 (10%)
    Arai Signet-Q Tactical Pro-Tour Helmet We know exactly what you're thinking as we thought the same thing. What is that thing on the face shield? The 'thing' turns out to be Arai's ingenious solution t
    OF569 Helmet
    You save $20.00 (17%)
    LS2OF569 HelmetWith a huge field of vision and a drop down sun shield the LS2 OF569 makes a very enticing urban riding helmet. The shield can lifted up and down easily with one hand and a convenient t

    Latest Reviews

    Mark (Roseburg, OR)

    Cost Benefit

    Great helmet

    This helmet is great all around, the 3XL fits my huge noggin' and I love the flip up shield. Would recommend to anyone.

    Leonard (Eugene, OR)

    Air flow
    Cost Benefit

    Shield is a Problem

    Helmet is good. The smoke replacement shield is very bad. It requires one to stop and use two hands to adjust the shield up or down. Very dangerous if one goes into the shade, think tunnel, and need to open to see. The clear that comes with the helmet is OK on this. Going to have to work on the shield to make it safe and usable.

    Romey (Mississauga, ON)

    Air flow
    Cost Benefit

    Amazing Helmet

    Not one regret. Air flows amazing, no fog, Fit is super comfortable. Compliments everywhere I go about the unique style.

    Nathan (Gig Harbor, WA)

    Air flow
    Cost Benefit

    Excellent choice for street or track

    The LS2 Arrow is a quality helmet. It is lightweight, has excellent visibility, and fits great. I have a Shoei RF1100 and an Icon Airmada. The LS2 is lighter than both and has better interior materials. Wind noise is moderate -- quieter than my Icon but not as quiet as my Shoei. I bought the helmet for the track, but I wear it everyday. If you don't want to drop $600 plus for a track helmet, then I highly recommend checking out LS2. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another in the future.

    SLOJO610 (Gilbertsville, PA)

    Air flow
    Cost Benefit

    Biltwell Bonanza

    I decided to buy a DOT helmet since i'm older, wiser, and still ride like an asshole. I have been using a novelty Biltwell for the last few years and liked it a lot. Figured I would stick with Biltwell. The helmet fits ok. It wants to blow off my head around 70 which is pretty common. Quality is very good. Price is very good. I have a narrow head and I tend to get more air into the helmet than I would like. Appearance sucks in comparison to the Biltwell novelty. I look like a bobblehead person.

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