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TomTom Rider 400 GPS Motorcycle Navigation
Rider 400 GPS Motorcycle Navigation
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TomTom Rider 400 GPS Motorcycle Navigation The all new TomTom Rider 400 GPS puts you in control of your ride with customized navigation designed to specifically for bikers.  Select not only where y...
Garmin VIRB Mini USB Cable
Garmin VIRB Mini USB Cable Get the most out of your device with our USB cable Use the USB cable to charge your device Create routes and waypoints on your personal computer and transfer them to your...
Garmin Tempe Wireless Temp Sensor
Garmin TempeĀ™ Wireless Temp Sensor Transmit ambient temperature data wirelessly to your device with the tempe external wireless temperature sensor Attaches to your pack, jacket or shoe
Garmin Portable Friction Mount
Garmin Portable Friction Mount Designed as a go-anywhere mount, the Garmin Portable Friction Mount will keep your Zumo GPS in plain sight. Compatible with the 350LM, 660LM and 665LM models.
Magellan Explorist TRX7 GPS
Explorist TRX7 GPS
  • Black
Magellan Explorist TRX7 GPS 3D and 2D Topo Basemap views A hi-res (to 10M) 3D terrain view and 2D topo view with contour lines show land features in the USA and Canada help identify land features a...
Garmin Monterra Handheld GPS Navigator
Garmin Monterra Handheld GPS Navigator4" dual orientation, sunlight readable display with durable mineral glass for multi-touch interface 3D MapMerge technology lets you blend multiple maps togethe...

Latest Reviews

Adrienne (San Diego )


Garmin Montana 600

This is a great GPS. I bought it because of the anti-glare and the "curvy road" option for motorcycles. It truly is the easiest to see display in direct sunlight that I have ever used and it is super tough and durable. It was somewhat of a hassle to set up initially, but now its great.

dredd (claverack )


Garmin Zumo Cable

This item enables you to wire a second bike for the Zumo unit you already have. With it there's no need to purchase a second unit. Works perfectly as it's Garmin made for the 665/660 units.

Adam (Hot springs )


Bummed out

loved my Garmin street pilot 2720 and bought the zumo on the idea it would be even better after the street pilot died. FAIL. It is slow to calculate, misses turns and warns you of turns to late in critical city type situations. I have done all the latest firm wear updates and maps and still rode on a road I took on this trip last year that this unit still has no clue it exists. I'm writing this from a hotel that has been here 3 yrs. yet my iPhone knew it was here when the zumo doesn't