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MSR Funnelweb Air Filter
Funnelweb Air Filter
You save $14.96 (30%)
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Malcolm Smith Racing Funnelweb Air Filter With a unique and striking design, the Funnelweb filter boasts twice to the surface area of traditional filters allowing it to trap more dust and dirt so y...
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MSR Stainless Steel Oil Filter
Stainless Steel Oil Filter
You save $11.00 (28%)
  • Chrome
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MSR Stainless Steel Oil Filter Looking for a high performance O.E.M upgrade then this is just that. This stainless steel oil filter will get your bike maximum flow even at high temperatures. The ...

Latest Reviews

Don (Jefferson City )

Cost Benefit

Time saver

These are fantastic! I clean my filters often and this product eliminates about half of those. They have held up well and i believe they helped with a local track that has some sand. That weekend no less than 9 bikes had engine trouble or completely blew up. I ran the skin over my DT-1 standard filter and had no issues. Great product!

Cycle Rob (Woodland )


MSR Oil Filter

Filter came in sealed plastic to keep out moisture. Fit in my WR250R fine, had no problems and feel it's an ok price.