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Kings KT-921 Sand Rib Front Tire
KT-921 Sand Rib Front Tire
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  • Blackwall
Kings KT-921 Sand Rib Front Tire A unique three-rib directional tread design increases cornering ability A must for all "serious" sand Riders Light weight and flexible carcass offers added flot...

Latest Reviews

Vallie (Tucson )

Dry Traction
Wet Traction
Tread life

Helps almost as much as a paddle tire!

On a KLX-300 was able to get moving easily and top out 6th gear. Surprised CR-500 rider at the speed my little 300 carried. Could nearly drag the bars in turns. This is like giving your bike extra horsepower, and better handling. This adds about half again as much performance as a paddle alone.