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Acerbis ATV & Quad Hand Controls

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Acerbis Tri-Fit Handguards
Tri-Fit Handguards
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Acerbis Tri-Fit Handguards The new Tri-Fit handguard is a perfect fit for almost any application! Made of Nylon, this innovative, multi-functional handguard kit allows 3 different configurations 1....

Latest Reviews

Johnny Swift (Goulburn )


Barkbusters V Handguards

I had a pair of Acerbis Bark busters on my bike, but found that when I put them on, I was struggling to fit between trees and clipping a few too. Trees that I was easily clearing before while riding with just bars. They only added about 30mm to the width. So I replaced them with a pair of Acerbis Handguards. These have provided me the same level of protection at a fraction of the cost. Good looking, light, and have proven surprisingly tough. I could not install the mounting brackets symmetrically, and had to install one bracket upside down. This did not affect the position of the actual handguard itself. Overall, I'm very happy with the Handguards. I much prefer these over Bark busters.

Jim (Henderson )


Acerbis Uniko ATV Handguards

I bought these guards because they mount in the handlebar ends only. They are high quality and mount very solid. The aluminum guard frames are substantial, and support the plastic shields very well. Because the guards are mounted on one end only, there is one engine speed that causes noticeable vibration in the guards, but it doesn't look like that will be a problem. I don't feel any extra vibration in the bar, and the mounts stay firmly attached. There are some air slots in the plastic shields, but I don't know why they were put there. I bought the guards to keep the air off my hands for winter riding, and so far they've done their job well, even with the slots. This is a well made product, and is a good substitute for guards that each mount in two places, when an unusual bar and control configuration prevents using that type.

Elijah (San Diego )


Get the right size.

I have a BMW F700GS and they didn't fit. I tweaked them to fit, and now they look great (except to me). I don't like the fact I had to change them to get them to work but that's not their fault. They are crowding all the other stuff I have bolted to my bars. I've since gone off road and tested them. They seem to be holding up just fine. I'd give them a five star rating if they fit my bike properly.