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Schampa Dirt Bike Head/Neck for Women

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Schampa Double Layer Neckgaiter
Schampa Double Layer Neckgaiter Double Layer Neckgaiters are an essential piece of gear found in packs of seasoned cold weather bravehearts. Two layers of 200wt. fleece prevent extreme wind pe...
Schampa FaceFit Facemask
Schampa FaceFit Facemask The Schampa Face fit system is a revolutionary concept that helps hold masks in place and reduces fogging of eyewear.  Simply put the mask on and push down on the FaceFit S...
Schampa Silkweight Tube
Silkweight Tube
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Schampa Silkweight Tube Multi use tube, wear multiple ways Makes a great neck gaiter Ultra comfort Schampa silk weight fabric, 93% micro modal 7% expandex Super soft, super thin Wicks and breathes...
Schampa Mini Neckgaiter
Schampa Mini Neckgaiter Schampa’s “Mini-Gaiter” was developed upon the request of our users. Individuals were requesting something less constrictive less bulky and better fitting with a full f...
Schampa Warmskin Balaclava X
Schampa Warmskin Balaclava X Patent pending New and improved Mesh breather with Schampa Easy Breathe nose piece Wear alone or with any helmet 1 size fits most

Latest Reviews

James (Las Vegas )


Great for Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding

Went 2200 miles from NV to East Coast . Did not have this product , but bought one while in KY for the ride back . What a difference having early in the morning starting out at 30 degree or below in high winds . Once sun is up around noon just peel off and tuck away . I have other great Schampa Products , great- all of them!

brynn (Jefferson City )

Cost Benefit

Good Deal

I bought this due to the fact that I was $7 shy of getting free shipping on another product that I ordered. So instead of just giving that money towards shipping, I put it towards the purchase of this mini gaiter and got free shipping. I tried it on but haven't ridden with it yet (sub-zero temps and snow covered roads). It fits great. I do like the length of it. It gives enough coverage for your chin and neck at the same time.

M.W. (Clarkston )

Cost Benefit

Light but effective

I haven't tried this in really cold weather but it seems adequate in 40-50 degree temps. It seems very light weight so I don't know how durable it will be. I wear a size small helmet and it wasn't too loose.

LD (Richmond )

Cost Benefit

Love it!

I believe this is the best piece of headgear I could have bought, without spending WWAAAYYY more than I wanted to. The mesh piece to go in front of your mouth helps with fogging. The fleece keeps my neck warm. I love that this Schampa model is convertable and I can wear it different ways. This was recommended to me, and I am so thankful for it!