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Arai ATV Helmets for Women

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Arai VX-Pro 4 Tickle Helmet
VX-Pro 4 Tickle Helmet
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Arai VX-Pro 4 Tickle Helmet After a hiatus from the motocross scene for a number of years, Arai is back with the all new VX-Pro 4 helmet. Still a firm believer in the round shell concept, the VX-Pr...

Latest Reviews

Bernardo (San Jose )

Air flow
Cost Benefit

Super cool helmet!

I am very pleased with this helmet! I have used on the trails and roadways in Yosemite and the helmet did great. Helmet fit according to spec. Even on the freeway the helmet does well with air and noise.

Joe (St. Louis )

Air flow
Cost Benefit


This is one very nice lid. I was able to attach my Sena without a problem. The visor doesn't give me any problems on the rode. The only issue is fogging up in the cold. That is easily remedied with the upgrade to the pin-lock shield. It is nearly as quiet as my Schuberth and that is saying something.