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BikeMaster Street Bike Tools

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BikeMaster Brake Fluid Bleeder
Brake Fluid Bleeder
You save $3.96 (10%)
BikeMaster Brake Fluid Bleeder Taking most of the guesswork out of bleeding the brakes, this BikeMaster tool is both easy to use and fits just about every modern disc brake system. Quick and easy ...
BikeMaster Bearing Removal Kit
Bearing Removal Kit
You save $18.96 (10%)
  • Orange
Bikemaster Bearing Removal Kit A bearing must be removed at 90° to its fitted surface, and removed evenly all the way around So, to avoid damage, or loading the bearing too much on one side, ...
BikeMaster Parts Washer
Parts Washer
You save $13.96 (10%)
BikeMaster Parts Washer BikeMaster has released its new Parts Washer, another must have for the do-it-yourself home motorcycle mechanicLightweight, corrosion proof, insulated, safe, cleaner and bet...
BikeMaster Cylinder Compression Tester
Cylinder Compression Tester
You save $10.96 (10%)
BikeMaster Cylinder Compression Tester Squeeze all the performance out of your machine as possible by making sure you cylinder compression is optimized. Increased fuel economy, more power and a s...
BikeMaster Fork Seal Installers
Fork Seal Installers
You save $5.96 (10%)
BikeMaster Fork Seal InstallersHaving the right tools for the job will save a small fortune. This is especially true when replacing fork seals, installing seals even and straight will increase seal...
BikeMaster Digital Torque Wrench
Digital Torque Wrench
$107.99 - $116.99
You save $12.96 (10%)
BikeMaster Digital Torque Wrench BikeMaster® 1/2" and 3/8" Digital Torque Wrench Easy to read digital display with auto shut off and L.C.D. back light Extremely accurate torque settings Measures i...
BikeMaster Valve Spring Compressor
Valve Spring Compressor
You save $6.96 (10%)
Bikemaster Valve Spring Compressor Fully adjustable for just about any head and valve height Fully closed 2-3/4''(7cm) to fully open 9'' (23cm) give a broad range Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
BikeMaster Chain Breaker 420-620
Chain Breaker 420-620
You save $2.96 (9%)
Bikemaster Chain Breaker 420-620 This heavy duty breaker covers the gamut, from 420 to 620 chains Comes with 2 hardened pins in 3.5mm and 4.8mm It is compact and fits anywhere due to the fo...
BikeMaster Carburetor Jet Cleaning Tool
BikeMaster Carburetor Jet Cleaning Tool 13 piece wire set with spiral knurling for cleaning popular size jets and carb body holes/passages A virtual necessity when restoring motorcycles or rebuild...
BikeMaster Flywheel Puller
Flywheel Puller
You save $2.96 (10%)
Bikemaster Flywheel Puller 10mm, 14mm, 16mm and 18mm sizes in 1 compact tool Made of high quality tool steel Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
BikeMaster Oil Filter Strap Wrench
BikeMaster Oil Filter Strap Wrench Undo nearly any size oil filter with this innovative Strap Wrench method. BikeMaster's Strap Oil Filter Wrench uses your torque to tighten around the filter and u...
BikeMaster Spark Plug Protector
Spark Plug Protector
You save $0.16 (4%)
BikeMaster Spark Plug Protector You never know when a spark plug may foul so why not keep one handy just in case. The Spark Plug Protector from BikeMaster provides you with a secure spot to carr...
BikeMaster Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench
Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench
$54.99 - $59.99
You save up to $5.96 (10%)
Bikemaster Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench Micrometer-type sleeve allows accurate pre-set torque values to be set Reversible ratchet head Available with 3/8" or 1/2" Sq. Dr 3/8" Sq. Dr Marked ...
BikeMaster Hex Axle Tool
Hex Axle Tool
You save $1.96 (8%)
  • Black
BikeMaster Hex Axle Tool Don't damage your axle trying to use bolts and a vice grip. Grab the Hex Axle Tool from BikeMaster and make the job easier.     Fits most of the late model hexagonal axle...
BikeMaster Piston Ring Compressor
Piston Ring Compressor
$19.99 - $22.99
You save up to $1.96 (9%)
BikeMaster Piston Ring Compressor A Mechanic's third hand when installing top ends  Compresses piston rings for easy piston into cylinder installations Required hex wrench included
BikeMaster 1/4" Drive T-Handle Set
1/4" Drive T-Handle Set
You save $0.96 (7%)
  • Steel
BikeMaster 1/4" Drive T-Handle Set The BikeMaster 1/4" Drive T-Handle Set provides all the necessary tools you need right at your fingertips. Made of heat treated vanadium steel Comes with 6mm, 8...
BikeMaster Measuring Cup with Lid
Measuring Cup with Lid
You save $0.16 (3%)
  • White
Bikemaster Measuring Cup with Lid Because it's so important, make sure it's right every time Made from the toughest materials for a longer life, and thicker than most competitors! Includes a li...
BikeMaster Steer Stem Bearing Removal Tool
Steer Stem Bearing Removal Tool
You save $3.96 (9%)
BikeMaster Steer Stem Bearing Removal Tool Makes steering stem bearing race removal much easier Simple installation and execution No more fighting or regrettable damage to the steering stem Made f...
BikeMaster Magnetic Spark Plug Socket Set
Magnetic Spark Plug Socket Set
You save $1.96 (10%)
BikeMaster Magnetic Spark Plug Socket SetDon't drop another spark plug because the rubber o-ring in your socket has been degraded and worn out by harsh engine fluids. by using powerful magnets, Bik...
BikeMaster Piston Pin Puller
Piston Pin Puller
You save $3.96 (10%)
BikeMaster Piston Pin PullerHelps removal and installation of piston pins Prevents damage to the piston during removal when tight piston pins are encountered Gnarled handle for no slip grip Heavy-d...
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