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Icon Optics Helmet Shield
Optics Helmet Shield
  • RST Silver
Icon Optics Helmet ShieldThe Icon Optics shield (ic-04) is fitted with a helmet shield lock to keep your shield securely closed. Sideplates (sold separately) mount to each side of the Icon Optics s...
Schuberth Faceshield
  • Dark Smoke
Schuberth Faceshield Replacement faceshield for the Schuberth C3, C3W and C3 Pro Helmet as well as the Schuberth S2 Helmet. Available in two shield sizes to fit your specific helmet size. **Note: P...
Schuberth SR1 Helmet Faceshield
Schuberth SR1 Helmet Faceshield Anti-fog/anti-scratch coating reduces the fogging tendency and prevents the visor from being scratched on the outside **Note:  Schuberth - products can only be shi...
Shoei Center Pads For RF-1100 Helmet
Shoei Center Pads For RF-1100 Helmet Keep your helmet feeling and smelling like new with a replacement Center Pad for your RF-1100 helmet The pads come out and can be installed quite easily, ...
Arai Standard Faceshield
Standard Faceshield
$43.99 - $72.99
You save up to $5.16 (10%)
Arai Standard Faceshield For use with Astral, Astral-X, Profile, RX-7 and Quantum 2 helmets Smoked and tinted shields are designed for daytime riding, and are not recommended for nighttime use Actu...
Vega Echo Quick-Release Clips
Vega Echo Quick-Release Clips Installs in seconds No special tools needed Stronger than "D" rings Easily released, even with gloves Fully adjustable **Note: Product may vary slightly from image ...
HJC HJ-20 Helmet Shield
HJ-20 Helmet Shield
You save $3.00 (9%)
  • Clear
  • Smoke
HJC HJ-20 Helmet Shield Available with or without tear off posts -Tear off posts are not the same as Pinlock pins.  All HJ-20 shields include Pinlock pins. Fits the following helmets FG-JET IS-...
PC Racing Helmet Mohawk
PC Racing
Helmet Mohawk
$15.99 - $16.19
You save up to $0.96 (6%)
PC Racing Helmet Mohawk Gives your helmet some attitude! Works on any helmet Attaches to helmet with peel and stick hook and loop material Red mohawk available with suction cup mount ...
Nolan Faceshield for N102 N-Com Helmet
Faceshield for N102 N-Com Helmet
You save $2.96 (8%)
  • Dark Green
Nolan Faceshield for N102 N-Com HelmetFaceshield for Nolan N102 N-Com Helmets Smoked and tinted shields are designed for daytime use, and are not recommended for nighttime use Do not use VPS in con...

Latest Reviews

Tim (Long Valley )


Perfect replacement

My helmet check pads had compressed over time, letting in even more air and really increasing the noise level. These replacements were a perfect fit and very easy to fit.

Josh (Pueblo West )


Incorrect Picture for the Item

The dark smoke shield I received is of great quality, and I will use it for sure. BUT, based on the pictures of PIN LOCK INSERTS, I was expecting a dark smoke pin lock insert to use in my clear shield.

Kevin Newton (Edgewater )


HJS Shield

Seems to be poor quality , the shield looked like it waves and bubbles, could'nt use it Sorry for the poor review, everything else I ever ordered was excellent

Sam J (Saint Robert )


SS700 tint shield replacement

I have a perfect fitting helmet, but it doesn't allow for comfortable wear of sunglasses. It's possible, but was just extremely annoying and they'd always end up canted in a weird way. This shield is a perfect fit and the tint is just what I needed. Hasn't scratched so far, either.

Neal (Mount Dora )


Recommended with reservations

I ride a H-D Freewheeler and this is my second HJC C10 3 SNAP FLIP SHIELD as I like the flip function for speaking to other riders at stop lights and while filling up with gas to I can see better. The problem with the design is the hinge rivets are not tight enough and allow the shield to raise up at highway speeds and when a truck passes in the opposite direction which is very annoying. I have fixed the problem with both shields by tightening the rivets with a 4" c-clamp. Other than that, the shield works as advertised. If you're not handy with tools, then don't buy it.